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Livelihoods of law clerks at stake amid COVID-19 Lockdown: Plea in Calcutta HC to be taken up by appropriate Bench in Public Interest

The Court was dealing with a petition moved by the Law Clerk Association.

Meera Emmanuel

A plea has been moved in the Calcutta High Court seeking aid for law clerks, given that their livelihoods have been affected following the COVID-19 lockdown and the consequent slump in court work (Law Clerk Association & Anr. vs.The State of West Bengal & Ors).

On Tuesday, the Justice Debangsu Basak observed that since there is public interest involved in the matter, it would be posted before the appropriate Bench to be taken up at the earliest date.

"Considering the present scenario, it would be appropriate to direct the department to place the writ petition before the appropriate bench taking up public interest litigation on the first available date when such public interest litigation are taken up by such bench."
Calcutta High Court

Appearing for the Law Clerk Association, Senior Adovcate Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharyya had highlighted before the Court that law clerks are in a precarious position while the functioning of courts remain suspended.

Whereas both the Central and State Governments had formulated certain assistance schemes, the petitioner-law clerks apprehended that they would not be viewed as beneficiaries under either scheme.

He added that since India is a welfare state, neither the Central Government nor the State Government can leave the members of the Association in a lurch. Rather, he contended that the Government is obligated to ensure the minimum subsistence of the law clerks.

Read the order passed today:

Law Clerk Association & Anr. vs.The State of West Bengal & Ors.pdf
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