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Recall Senior designation from Dr. Rajeev Dhavan for smoking during virtual court hearing: Petition filed in Supreme Court

The viral video clip showing Dhavan smoking hookah during a virtual hearing before the Supreme Court forms the basis of this plea.

Shruti Mahajan

A petition has been filed before the Supreme Court praying for Dr. Rajeev Dhavan's senior designation to be recalled after he was seen smoking hookah during a video hearing.

Recently, a video clip was circulated featuring Dhavan smoking hookah during the virtual hearing in the Rajasthan Political Crisis matter before the Supreme Court. This garnered plenty of criticism and angry reactions from across the Bar.

The petitioner before the Supreme Court, one Rashid Pathan, avers Dhavan's conduct was "disgraceful in soiling the hallowed gown of Senior Counsel" and also falls within the ambit of Section 2(c) of the Contempt of Courts Act read with Bar Council Rules pertaining to advocates' code of conduct. The plea reads,

"Under Rule 1 & 2 of Bar Council of India, Code of Conduct Rules, enjoins an advocate to act in a dignified manner before a Court & with self-respect. The term Court certainly includes a virtual Court; and the adherence to dignified conduct is a ‘must’ without any known exception for a designated senior advocate."

In addition to this recent incident, the petition also rakes up past instances involving Dhavan, wherein he had heated exchanges with judges of the Court.

The petitioner claims that the conduct of a Senior Advocate like Dhavan, which has the potential to malign the institution, also affects the petitioner's right "of having a reputed and majestic judiciary un-smeared by senior advocates such as respondent-1(Dhavan)".

As such, the petitioner has prayed for Dhavan to be stripped of his Senior designation.

"...the conduct of Sh. Dhawan has smeared the image of Senior Counsel designation synonymous of being carte blanche, to act pompous and roughshod the dignity of Hon’ble Courts. (sic)"
Petition filed in Supreme Court
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