UPSE Jihad sudarshan tv
UPSE Jihad sudarshan tv
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Plea against the broadcast of Sudarshan TV's "UPSC Jihad" show - SC hearing adjourned to tomorrow: LIVE UPDATES [Day 3]

The Court is hearing a plea against the controversial Sudarshan TV's "UPSC Jihad" programme touted as a ''big expose on the conspiracy" regarding Muslims "infiltrating government service.''

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A Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud is hearing a plea against the controversial Sudarshan TV's "UPSC Jihad" programme touted as a ''big expose on the conspiracy" regarding Muslims "infiltrating government service.''

When the matter had come up initially, the Court had refused to impose a pre-broadcast ban and issued notice to the Centre, the Press Council of India, the News Broadcasters Association and Sudarshan News.

Following extensive arguments on Tuesday, the Court passed an interim order directing Sudarshan TV to defer the broadcast of further shows.

The Court is also hearing a plea for an authoritative pronouncement on "hate speech" by former civil servants including Amitabha Pande and Navrekha Sharma, who have made an informal collective "Constitutional Conduct Group."

Before the hearing today, counter-affidavits have been filed on behalf of the Central Government as well as Sudarshan TV.

Live updates of the hearing today feature on this page.

Hearing begins.

Senior Advocate Shyam Divan for the channel starts: We have filed our affidavit.

Senior Advocate Anoop Chaudhari: We recieved their reply at 12 pm. So many irrelevant things!

Divan: Very difficult to prepare the reply in such a short span of time. I understand what other side is saying as I was in the same position last time and was ambushed by the IA.

Divan: I have also received the other affidavits just now. You all will sit on Monday and can be taken up then or take it up tomorrow. I have a court commitment from Monday which will take time. 

Divan: Can I place my affidavit with the understanding that it will not conclude today and can continue on Monday.

Justice Chandrachud: The bench will break at 3:15 pm

Advocate Shadan Farasat: all the episodes are available on YouTube

Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta: Why don't you send a pendrive to the court master? 

SG Mehta: Since Mr Divan has a professional difficulty on Monday, we can have the hearing tomorrow.

Justice Chandrachud: We can ask CJI to constitute a Bench tomorrow for this case and we can have the hearing tomorrow at 10.30 am and finish it off.

Senior Advocate Anoop Chaudhari: We cannot be expected to file a reply by tomorrow

Justice Chandrachud: How long is the affidavit by Sudarshan TV

Chaudhari: 92 pages!

Justice Chandrachud: Mr Divan has submitted his unavailability from Monday. All counsels have agreed for a hearing tomorrow. We will urge the CJI to constitute a bench tomorrow at 10.30 am

SG Mehta: Please keep it at 12 pm

Justice Chandrachud: We will start at 12 and finish it at 1.30 pm tomorrow

Counsel for Press Council of India: Please allow me to make submissions after Mr Divan

Justice KM Joseph: Who is your client, Mr Divan? A Cable TV operator or a broadcaster? Rule 6 applies to the cable TV network operators.

Senior Advocate Preetesh Kapur for PCI: Yes, that is why electronic media is on a different footing as they use public property like air waves

Senior Advocate Divan: I had given an assurance that links or pendrives are given to the court Master. It was not given, I will ensure you have the links atleast today via the court master

Hearing ends.

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