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Use internet and social media responsibly: Rajasthan HC tells Judicial Officers, staff to stop engaging with posts against Govt/ HC policy

The Court has also warned against sharing official communications, cautioning that "This practice tantamounts to misconduct under the provisions of the Rajasthan Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1971."

Aishwarya Iyer

The Rajasthan High Court has directed all the Judicial Officers and the Court staff of the High Court and Subordinate Courts, Tribunals and Special Courts to use the internet and social media responsibly.

By a standing order issued on Monday, the Court has directed judges to desist from forwarding, liking, disliking and commenting upon any posts which are against the policies of the Government/ High Court Administration.

Noting that the official communications were also being forwarded on social media platforms without any authorization and terming the same as breach of official confidentiality, the order adds,

"No official communication shall be forwarded on social media by the Judicial Officers and the staff except when it is required by them as a part of bonafide discharge of his/her official duty."
Rajasthan High Court

It was also observed that the instructions issued vide Office Circular dated January 31, 2018, were not being followed scrupulously since the Judicial Officers and Court staff were found accessing social media during office hours. The order further notes that this only affected their working but also diminished the dignity and reputation of the entire system.

Adding that posts that were scandalous, derogatory and sensational in nature were being forwarded, liked, disliked and commented upon, it has been cautioned that such practices amounts to misconduct under the provisions of the Rajasthan Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1971 which would attract suitable disciplinary action.

The Court has now clarified that non-compliance of the instructions issued on Monday would give rise to stern actions against the erring officials.

Read the Order here:

Rajasthan High Court Standing Order dated June 15.pdf
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