Live Updates from Supreme Court: Sexual Harassment Allegations against Chief Justice of India

Live Updates from Supreme Court: Sexual Harassment Allegations against Chief Justice of India

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There is a special sitting going on in the Supreme Court to deal with a matter of grave public importance. The Bench comprises Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Arun Mishra and Sanjiv Khanna (In Re: Matter Of Great Public Importance Touching Upon The Independence Of Judiciary).

Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi has been accused of sexual assault by a former Court officer who worked as a junior assistant between May 2014 and December 2018.

In an affidavit addressed to the Supreme Court, the former Court officer has alleged that following the sexual assault incident, she was unceremoniously terminated from her post. Moreover, she alleges that the trail of harassment has followed since her termination, culminating in a frivolous FIR filed in March this year against her and her family.

In a response made today by the Supreme Court Secretary General’s office, all the allegations have been denied. Contrary to the officer’s claims, it is stated that there was never any occasion for the CJI to interact with her.

It goes on to state that the officer was dismissed from service as per the procedure. Further, it is asserted that the motive behind the “false and scurrilous allegations” is “obviously mischievous.”

Here are the live updates from Supreme Court:

  • CJI Bench assembles.
  • CJI speaking about criminal cases against the lady who alleged sexual harassment against him “This is unbelivable. I should not stoop low even in denying it.” A bank balance of Rs. 6 lakh 80 thousand is all I have as bank balance”, CJI Ranjan Gogoi.
  • They cannot catch me on money, so they have brought up this. This is the reward a CJI gets after 20 years and a bank balance of Rs. 6,80,000. Independence of judiciary under very very serious threat. I had to tell this from the judicial seat”, CJI Ranjan Gogoi.
  • “Less than 10 hours notice was given to me to respond. What I want to tell citizens is that judiciary of this country is under serious threat”, CJI Ranjan Gogoi.
  • “I will sit on this Bench and discharge my duties without fear and favour till my tenure is over”, CJI Ranjan Gogoi.
  • SG Tushar Mehta says it should be taken very very seriously.
  • “Things have gone too far. Judiciary cannot be made scapegoat”, CJI Ranjan Gogoi.
  • “Rubbish being published”, SG Tushar Mehta.
  • I am an officer of this Court, I was also under attack for defending the government, AG KK Venugopal.
  • Why would any sane person want to become a judge, reputation is all that we have. And that is also under attack, CJI Ranjan Gogoi.
  • We are not passing any judicial order at this moment. We however ask media to show restraint, responsibility and wisdom so that independence of judiciary is not affected by baseless allegations, Supreme Court.
  • Solicitor General Tushar Mehta prods the Bench to register a complaint in his name but court refrains as of now.
  • Bench rises

Read the order below. 

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