After 28 years Luthra & Luthra rebrands as ‘L&L Partners Law Offices’

After 28 years Luthra & Luthra rebrands as ‘L&L Partners Law Offices’

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Indian law firms have recently started moving away from being individual-centric and have adopted branding and positioning to reflect a more modern and professional set up.

Luthra & Luthra Law Offices is headed in that direction.

After 28 years of its existence as Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, the firm has rebranded itself as ‘L&L Partners Law Offices‘ to be an institution that is larger than the sum of its parts.

The firm was founded in 1990 with a vision to create a full-service law firm with a collegial and meritocratic ethos.

Taking this vision forward, the partners have re-branded the Firm to reaffirm inclusiveness and recognize the contributions of its founder, partners, associates and support staff in creating a leading institution.

The new logo – the “Guiding Star” is inspired by the North Star, which represents the firm’s role as a trusted advisor, enabling the firm’s clients to navigate new horizons with reliable, innovative solutions.

A stylized Pentagram or 5-pointed star, drawn with straight strokes, connected all through, representing a seamless connection within and with clients and the strong green color overtones stand for ambition and prosperity.

Commenting on the rebranding of the firm, Founder and Managing Partner Rajiv K Luthra, said,

“In a dynamic economic and policy environment, change is the only constant. Therefore, it is important to evolve proactively and continue to innovate to support our clients with integrity and steadfastness. This is our first step and we will continue to evolve.”

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