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You’ll be surprised to know that even law graduates are mostly clueless about how to draft a contract from scratch. - Register now!

Are you a young lawyer who is making first steps in contract drafting? Or you are mature in drafting some contracts and want to upskill yourself?

Contract drafting skill is a number one skill required by a lawyer. And this is true irrespective of whichever area of law you land in - whether it is corporate law, intellectual property, criminal law, M&A - whatever.

Get this: your employers or clients are going to be businesses. Businesses are set up to make profit and profit is generated by transactions. In order to crystallise obligations in any transaction, you need contracts.

Lawyers are required to draft contracts, agreements, notices, plaints, responses on a regular basis. Being able to draft and review contracts is a survival skill. Without this skill you’re unlikely to be chosen for hiring by either companies or law firms.

Instead of aiming to learn drafting during an internship, just imagine - what if you could show and offer really good drafting skills right at the time of your joining in and not only free up a lot of training time for your seniors, but also add up value to their work. This is the holy road to a PPO.

Or imagine being able to financially support yourself while you are still a law student, by undertaking freelancing work of contract drafting and vetting for clients not only in India, but also for other countries.

All this is possible just by learning one basic legal skill thoroughly - contract drafting.

And despite this obvious importance of contract drafting skills, what is the current picture?

You’ll be surprised to know that even law graduates are mostly clueless about how to draft a contract from scratch.

They may be able to explain the theory of contracts by rote, or tell what happens when a party breaches a contract but when asked to frame an indemnity clause for the firm, they will get nervous, puzzled and end up copy- pasting from a template which may or may not be suitable for use.

The biggest victims of such practices are the clients as a badly drafted contract can cost your client millions - remember, the enforceability depends on your drafting.

I am sure you don’t want that to happen to you in your career especially when it is so difficult to build a client base after you start practising. Such incidents may also make you lose other clients and that can just be the beginning of the downfall of your successful career in independent practice.

But wait, don’t you learn how to draft a contract only by actually drafting a contract?

So how do you learn it without facing the embarrassment of losing a client for faulty drafting?

Where do you start?

How do you reach out to freelancing clients to secure contract drafting assignments?

Is it possible to do this kind of work while you’re still in law school? Yes, it is possible!

If you want to achieve a breakthrough in your contract drafting skills within 3 days, I’m giving you a lifeline: your contract drafting skills can skyrocket in just 3 days.

Join our 3-days online LIVE ONLY bootcamp “International opportunities in contract drafting” on 5-7 March, 6-9pm IST.

What are we promising you from the bootcamp?

  1. Understand the opportunity - why is contract drafting such an important skill? Why is the demand for contract drafting work steadily growing?

  2. What are the career prospects for lawyers who learn contract drafting? Is it possible to obtain and perform international contract drafting work for foreign clients? Can I work for US clients? Can law students also have such opportunities?

  3. How can learning contract drafting help you to build a career as an in-house counsel, as a corporate lawyer, as an independent practitioner, or in moving abroad?

  4. We will also give you a roadmap to develop contract drafting skills and obtain client work from international clients. Do you know what a roadmap is?

  5. We will also show you examples of live opportunities and people who have built a successful profile by performing contract drafting work

  6. You will learn 10 new contract drafting skills that you can implement in the next 30 days, get a sense of what contract drafting work is like, and maybe start earning from contract drafting!

  7. We will give a lot of exciting giveaways each day, including 20 templates of contracts which are important to perform international contract drafting work - but make sure that you attend for at least 2.5 hours on that day

Also, we are going to talk about one unprecedented opportunity that got created in the chaos of the pandemic.

It is remote work.

Most of you know what remote work is.

A lot of people did not think serious work can be done on work-from-home mode. They have changed their minds in the last one year after working from home themselves.

A lot of successful, large, medium and small organisations have learned how to work remotely.

And that has created a global price opportunity for legal work.

The opportunity to perform international work for global startups, from your home, and earn as much as 10x of what you earn by performing local work.

If you want to catch this opportunity before the remote legal market becomes overcrowded, register for our 3-days online live free bootcampInternational opportunities in contract drafting” on 5-7 March, 6-9pm IST.

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