What I said on NDTV is the truth, Dushyant Dave responds 

Dushyant Dave
Dushyant Dave

Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave has given an initial response to the news about Bar Council of India (BCI) issuing a show cause notice against him for his remarks against CJI Dipak Misra.

Speaking to Bar & Bench, Dave stood by his remarks on air stating that what he said on NDTV is the truth.

“I haven’t still got the notice and not read it . But what I said on NDTV last night is the truth.”

He further said that it is a matter of grave concern that the conduct of judges go unchecked and allegations against CJI Misra were very serious.

“It is a matter of concern for all in legal system and nation that such conduct of Judges go unchecked. In fact BCI should have opposed Justice Dipak Misra’s appointment to the highest judicial office to which only the best and non-controversial person can be appointed. The allegations against him were serious and those holding Constitutional offices should have been conscious and not appointed him.”

Dave said that he has nothing personal against CJI Dipak Misra but the allegations against him should be investigated.

“These allegations are not even being investigated but are suppressed from the Nation. I have nothing personal against him but it worries me as a citizen and a lawyer that with such background, the Executive is bound to exploit the situation especially when the SC today has to deal with highly political matters of far reaching consequence.”

Dave also condemned the Bar Council of India calling it a body which has not held elections for years under “some pretext”.

“BCI, by doing this gives an opportunity to bring on fore what should have been debated by Nation earlier. Advocates Act gives no such power to BCI, a body which has not held elections for years under some pretext and Mr. Mishra continues to occupy the position as Chairman unduly. I will happily contest this notice to prove that I was right and BCI is wrong.”

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