No decision to prepare nationwide NRC (till now): Home Ministry's answer to Lok Sabha question

No decision to prepare nationwide NRC (till now): Home Ministry's answer to Lok Sabha question

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The Union Home Ministry has revealed that the Central government has yet to take a decision to implement a nationwide National Register of Citizens (NRC).

The reply came in a question put forth by Lok Sabha MPs Chandan Singh and Nama Nageswara Rao. The MPs had queried:

"(a) whether the Government has any plan to introduce National Register of Citizens (NRC) all over the country;

(b) If so, the reasons thereof along with the time line fixed for implementation of NRC in the country;

(c) whether the Government is aware that NRC will put extra burden on Indian citizens;

(d) whether all the State Governments are being taken into confidence before introduction of NRC and;

(e) whether the Government has received any communications from the State Governments regarding their refusal to implement the NRC in their respective States, if so, details of such State-wise communications received?"

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The response filed by Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai states:

"Till now, the Government has not taken any decision to prepare Register of Indian Citizens (NRI C) at the National level."
Response by Home Ministry in Lok Sabha

The passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and its purported link with a nationwide NRC and the idea of National Population Register (NPR) has been the subject of protests across the country.

The CAA-NRC-NPR link, as expounded by Home Minister Amit Shah, has been the subject of challenge in over 140 petitions filed in the Supreme Court.

On January 22, the Supreme Court adjourned the matter for five weeks.

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