#Sponsored: Often Overlooked Legal Research Tips - Manupatra

#Sponsored: Often Overlooked Legal Research Tips - Manupatra

Ravi Kanth

Ravi Kanth

Whether you’re an expert researcher or a novice, a run through the following legal research tools & tips will help you get the most out of Manupatra’s AI enabled platform.

Cited In Para

If you find a helpful case, use that to find other cases& more. This tool allows you to see other cases that cited your case. It also takes you to the exact para where your case is cited, saving you copious amounts of time.


When you’re reading a case in Manupatra, the cases cited are hyperlinked. Skimming the hyperlinked case is typically good idea.

Save your searches & set Search Alert

Half of the battle when doing legal research is coming up with a search query that is going to bring back the desired results. Once you have cracked that, you can save your searches for quick reference and easy access on Manupatra. You can also Set Search Alert, which delivers any new cases added in the database, relevant to your search query, directly to your inbox.

Over Ruled

Manupatra editors analyse and mark out the Judgements which have been Over Ruled.

  • When researching on Manupatra, look out for Red Flag in Search Results.

  • The Red Flag indicates OVERRULED. This means the case has been over ruled and is not good law.

Search by Citation; from over 300 journals

The ease of Manupatra citation search lies in its comprehensiveness and the fact that you can search for cases with partial citation information too.

Identifying Important Para in a Judgement

m-Para® is a feature by which user can view the key paragraphs of any judgment, number of times the key paragraph/s has been referred in Supreme Court judgments, details of the SC judgments in which these paragraphs have been referred, along with the treatment given by Supreme Court to these key paragraphs.

Advance Search under Legal Search, provides interface which helps you find judgements under 2 different Acts or 2 sections of same Act simultaneously.

Watch out for our article on Using the Visualisation Tools & Analytics to look for precedents, references and understand the Patterns, Trends & Co-relations.

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