#Sponsored: Professional and Affordable Legal formats are now available at your fingertips
Legal Formats India

#Sponsored: Professional and Affordable Legal formats are now available at your fingertips

LegalFormatsIndia.com brings your desired legal format to your computer, mobile or tablet in a matter of minutes.

Are you having trouble drafting? Are you unable to find reliable formats for legal documents?

Legalformatsindia.com brings to you 500 + legal forms and precedents carefully prepared by legal professionals. All documents on the website www.legalformatsindia.com can be previewed before purchase.

In the present circumstances, access to traditional libraries, books and commentaries has been severely restricted.

Legal Formats India.com aims to provide reliable and complete legal forms and precedents (non-litigation and litigation) prepared by legal experts and professionals, in an easy and economical manner. LFI makes drafting simpler, faster and affordable.

The vast nature of Indian laws and their respective adjudicatory forums have ensured that practice of the law is an extremely complicated affair. Persons who are not a part of the legal profession are often apprehensive of approaching lawyers for the fear of high costs. At LegalFormatsIndia.com, whether you are a legal practitioner or member of the public there are documents for everyone.

How It Works

How It Works
How It Works

LFI has legal formats and precedents for all your needs. From litigation to non-litigation matters, our repository will have documents to suit all your requirements. All our documents have a limited preview which you can view before you purchase the documents.

You will also receive a link to download your purchased document through the provided e-mail address. Your dashboard will also allow you to download your purchased documents.

Key Features of LegalformatsIndia.com

1. Comprehensive and user-friendly Search Bar

LegalFormatsIndia provides a powerful search bar that will use your keywords and display all relevant results on your screen. If you are unsure of the category your document falls into, then our search bar will make that process easy for you.

Search Bar
Search Bar

2. Extensive Categories

Our wide range of categories and sub-categories ensure that most possible areas of the law are covered for both lawyers and laypersons.


3. Know Your Document

Are you unsure of what documents you might need? Explore our Know Your Document section to narrow down your search while not having to navigate through legal jargon.

4. Easy-to-use Dashboard

Once you have purchased your document through your registered account, you can download your document twice within 24 hours through our dashboard. LFI accounts can be made by registering for free on our website. You can keep track of all your purchases and downloads from the dashboard.

5. Articles

LegalFormatsIndia also provides an articles section, which will keep you regularly updated on the current legal news and events. LegalFormatsIndia’s purpose is also to encourage advocates and law students to share their legal knowledge and research through the platform.

6. Low Cost and Easy User Interface

LegalFormatsIndia’s pay per download model allows you to purchase the individual formats of your choice in any easy and affordable manner.

Are you still not convinced to try LegalFormatsIndia.com?

Try our sample documents and see for yourself. You can also preview all documents sold on Legal Formats India.

If you have any questions, email us at customercare@legalformatsindia.com

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