Breaking: Supreme Court to hear Nirbhaya convicts’ review petition on Dec 12

Breaking: Supreme Court to hear Nirbhaya convicts’ review petition on Dec 12

Chandan Goswami

The Supreme Court will hear the review petitions of the convicts in the Nirbhaya case on December 12.

The matter was heard by the Bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices R Banumathi and Ashok Bhushan, which confirmed the death penalty for all the four accused on May 5, this year.

Today, during the hearing of the review petition filed by Mukesh, the counsel for the other three convicts informed the Bench that they would file a review petition within three weeks.

The Court allowed the same and will now hear all the review petitions together on December 12.

It all started on the fateful day of December 16, 2012, when the four appellants along with the main accused, the late Ram Singh, and the juvenile accused, took out a bus for a ‘joyride’, as was their routine on Sunday evenings. The bus, which was used to transport school children, was also used for unlicensed trips in which rides were offered to people waiting for public transport late in the evening. The first passenger was a carpenter who was beaten up and robbed of his belongings before being thrown out in the cold night.

The accused had then put up a ruse, with three of them posing as passengers in the bus when the victim and her friend, who were trying to get to Dwarka, were lured into the bus by the juvenile at the Munirka bus stop. The accused then beat up the victim’s friend before unleashing unspeakable acts violence on her. The two were then thrown out of the bus naked in the chilly December night.

The accused allegedly tried to run the victim over but she was pulled to safety by her friend. They lay freezing and bleeding for about 40 minutes before the police came to the rescue. The victim succumbed to her injuries two weeks later at a hospital in Singapore. The six accused were apprehended by the police.

The main accused Ram Singh committed suicide in Tihar jail while the juvenile accused was sentenced to 3 years at a reform home. The remaining four accused were sentenced to death by Additional Sessions Judge. Their appeals were dismissed by the Delhi High Court, which eventually led to the appeal in Supreme Court.

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