SCBA and Ashok Arora
SCBA and Ashok Arora

SCBA issues show-cause notice to Ashok Arora over frequent disruption of EC meetings, abusive and unparliamentary conduct [Read Notice]

Shruti Mahajan

The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has issued a show cause notice to its former Secretary Advocate Ashok Arora over his conduct which resulted in disruption of Executive Committee (EC) meetings and his unparliamentary language and conduct which vitiated the atmosphere, among other things. (SCBA's show-cause notice to Ashok Arora)

A notice has now been issued to Arora to show cause as to why proceedings and an inquiry should not be initiated against him by a three-member committee of the SCBA.

The notice details a range of allegations against Arora with his conduct being the primary contention. Arora was suspended from his post in May this year.

While holding the post of Secretary after the SCBA elections of 2019, Arora allegedly conducted himself in a way so as to disrupt the EC meetings and made cordial functioning of the committee impossible, the show cause notice says.

It adds that from the very first meeting of the EC held on December 18, 2019, Arora deliberately adopted a "hostile, obstructionist, and confrontational approach with the President and members of the EC."

Various such alleged instances are cited in the notice, which says that Arora rendered it impossible for the EC to function cordially.

"You have rendered it difficult and impossible to conduct the affairs of the SCBA in a systematic, orderly, and decorous manner, based on properly prepared Agendas made in consultation with the President, and properly recorded Minutes at meetings to be conducted by the President, and in his absence the Vice President."
Show cause notice to Arora

Further, it is alleged that Arora's use of abusive, unparliamentary, threatening and intemperate language towards the other elected office bearers of the EC coupled with the insinuations made vitiated the atmosphere of the body.

The notice details many such instances and reproduces messages allegedly sent by Arora to different members to demonstrate such behaviour and conduct, which include making allegations against the members and using abusive language towards them.

Arora allegedly also used threatening language and issued an illegal notice to the Treasurer of SCBA, Meenesh Dubey. The notice says that such a notice (like the one Arora issued) was without any authority and was issued without any discussion and deliberation with the rest of the EC.

Other allegations against Arora also include failure on his part to maintain minutes of EC meetings while he still held the position of Secretary on several occasions, and an unauthorized call for an Emergent General Body meeting in May this year with the agenda to oust President Dushyant Dave from his post.

Arora is thus called upon to file his reply to this show-cause notice within a period of one week. The same will be placed before a three-member committee for an independent inquiry if Arora denies any of the imputations made. Should Arora not respond to the notice, the matter will be considered by the EC for deciding on further action.

Read Show-cause notice:

SCBA's show-cause notice to Ashok Arora.pdf
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