Shahjahanpur incident: LLM student who had gone missing to stay in Delhi for four days, Supreme Court [Read Order]

Shahjahanpur incident: LLM student who had gone missing to stay in Delhi for four days, Supreme Court [Read Order]

Shruti Mahajan

The Supreme Court, after interacting with the LLM student from Shahjahanpur who had gone missing, has directed the Registry to make arrangements for her stay in Delhi for a period of four days.

A Bench of Justices R Banumathi and AS Bopanna interacted with the girl in chambers before assembling at 7.30 pm today. It informed everyone that the girl was very responsive during her interaction with the judges. She informed the judges that she does not wish to go back to Uttar Pradesh at the moment and wishes to stay in Delhi.

She also told the judges that she would decide the future course of her action after she meets her parents.

In accordance with her wishes and keeping the facts of the case in mind, the Court has passed a number of directions to ensure her safety and comfort as well as that of her parents.

The Supreme Court Registry has been directed to make arrangements for her stay in Delhi. She will be allowed to use the landline phone to talk to her parents.

The Commissioner of Police of Delhi has been directed to send a team of personnel to Shahjahanpur to bring the girl’s parents to Delhi and ensure their safe and comfortable travel. The Registrar and the Additional Solicitor General Vikramajit Banerjee have been directed to ensure that a team of Police is sent to Shahjahanpur for this purpose at the earliest.

The meeting between the girl and her parents has to be coordinated and facilitated by the Registrar. It has to be ensured that Miss A does not meet or talk to anyone until she meets her parents. Additionally, she shall also not meet anyone else after having met her parents until she is produced before the Court again.

The matter has been listed for hearing again on Monday, September 2.

The State of Uttar Pradesh was represented by ASG Vikramjit Banerjee along with Senior Counsel Aishwarya Bhati while advocate Shobha Gupta led the team of lawyers who urged the Court to take cognizance of the matter.

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