“Shut up… just shut up”, Rajeev Dhavan tells off ASG Tushar Mehta

“Shut up… just shut up”, Rajeev Dhavan tells off ASG Tushar Mehta

Murali Krishnan

In yet another incident of brazenness, Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhavan openly told off Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta in the Supreme Court today.

The brief yet conspicuous confrontation happened during the hearing of a case involving the Medical Council of India which was listed as item 77 in the Chief Justice’ court; the battle then spilled into the corridor of the Court after the hearing.

Right from the beginning of the hearing, there was hostility from both Dhavan and Mehta as they sought to interrupt each other. Dhavan, evidently not pleased with Mehta’s interruptions, suddenly burst out and told Mehta,

“Don’t ask me to sit down.”

Mehta was taken aback by the sudden outburst and there was a brief exchange of words between the two.

Subsequently, when the hearing was over and the lawyers were leaving the court room, Mehta tried to get back at Dhavan. But it was met with a curt and sharp “Shut up..just shut up” as Dhavan walked away nonchalantly.

Dhavan is known for his defiance. In 2013, during the hearing of the 2G case, Dhavan had hit out at Justice GS Singhvi for refusing to hear a case and recusing from the matter. Further, he had been caught on the wrong side twice during the SEBI-Sahara case when he had faced off with Justice JS Khehar and Justice TS Thakur.

After Subrata Roy was sent to jail, Dhavan had strongly come down upon Justices KS Radhakrishnan and JS Khehar, terming their order as “terribly terribly wrong”.

During one such hearing, Dhavan had gone to the extent of remarking that,

“Respect is a matter of court discipline. If I were to meet you (Justice Khehar) outside the court, it might be different.”

Another such instance was when Dhavan had a lengthy dialogue with Justice Thakur after the Court turned down Subrata Roy’s request for a forty-day parole. Dhavan, who was appearing for Roy, could not digest certain remarks by Justice Thakur and had objected to what he perceived as Justice Thakur “making fun of him.” This unprecedented incident had left those present in the courtroom perplexed.

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