Student Bodies of 8 NLUs issue joint statement against the Jamia Violence

Student Bodies of 8 NLUs issue joint statement against the Jamia Violence

A Joint Statement of solidarity was issued by the student bodies of National Law Universities namely NLSIU,  NALSAR, HNLU,  NLU-O, NUSRL, NUALS, MNLU Mumbai and MNLU Nagpur against the violent Police atrocities at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) today.

The students of these NLUs strongly condemn the violence and use of brute force against the protests organised by students of AMU and JMI, the joint statement reads.

It is alleged that the Police used tear-gas shells and lathi charge against the protesting students, along with the forceful entry in their university premises and cutting off internet facilities. The students were physically assaulted as well, the statement observes.

“This is clearly an example of excessive use of force by the state against mere expression of dissent.As students of law who are taught the importance of following due procedure, the actions of the law enforcement authorities authorised by the state are completely out of line and unwarranted and disproportionate.

Due to these actions on the part of the police and the damage caused to life and properties thereby,  the students were forced to vacate the university premises and stop academic activities.

The statement further states that, in a healthy democratic and political environment, dissent is a necessary component.

As students of law we are aware of how valuable such expression and the constitutional protections bestowed upon us for the same. These actions against the protesting students have violated their constitutional protections endangering their lives and brought shame to our democratic values that we cherish and strive to uphold.”

The statement, in the end stated that “We stand with these students who suffered such brutality from the state over their peaceful protests and extend our support to them unconditionally“.

Notably, the Supreme Court today agreed to hear matters concerning violent incidents at JMI University and AMU on Tuesday provided an end was put to the riot.

However, the Delhi High Court refused to urgently list a plea seeking action against Delhi police in connection with the Jamia violence today.

[Read the Joint Statement here]

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