Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Supreme Court approves use of double-sided printing on A4 sheets for filings in environmental interest

At present, court documents are generally filed with only one side printed.

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Documents in the Supreme Court can now be filed with print on both sides of A4 size sheets. Presently, court documents are normally filed with print on one side.

The decision to opt for double-sided court documents was taken in environmental interest, following a meeting of the judges of the Committee of rationalisation of use of papers with members of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association (SCAORA).

Utkarsh Anand's Tweet
Utkarsh Anand's Tweet

A circular to this effect was also issued on Thursday.

Speaking to Bar & Bench, SCBA Secretary Ashok Arora confirmed that such double-sided documents can be filed hereon. The measure may also be made mandatory in due course of time.

The circular also intimates that recent amendments made with respect to the filing of caveats have been rectified. Arora informed that a decision had been taken to do away with recent amendments that had made the process of filing caveats more cumbersome.

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