Justice Deepak Gupta
Justice Deepak Gupta

We cannot be like an ostrich hiding our head and say nothing is wrong with the judiciary: Justice Deepak Gupta during online SCBA Farewell

The Supreme Court Bar Association is hosting a Zoom meeting to bid farewell to Justice Deepak Gupta who retires from office today.

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SCBA President, Dushyant Dave renders vote of thanks. Dave observes that the large participation registered for the farewell event shows Justice Deepak Gupta's popularity and how the young people of the Bar adores the judge immensely.

Meeting ends.

Justice Gupta: I take the opportunity to thank my wife Poonam, who has been a pillar of success for me. I thank her for the haircut she has given me so that I look presentable today.

Justice Deepak Gupta
Justice Deepak Gupta

Justice Gupta: I have made some great friendships with my brother and sister judges. I hope our association does not come to an end with me demitting office.

Scales of justice cannot be equal when apples and oranges are measured together. Person dispensing justice in times like these days need to weigh justice in favour of the poor and downtrodden. Thus I request members of the Bar to take up some pro bono work, Justice Gupta says. 

Justice Gupta: Often in courtrooms we have seen the lawyers lock horns not on law but on their political or ideological beliefs. This cannot be the case.

Justice Gupta: I often hear the bar saying that judiciary is no longer independent or humane. But from where does the judiciary comes? It comes from the Bar. When the bar charges exorbitant fees from business houses can they let it be when a poor person approach them.

Justice Gupta: We also as a judge need to identify our own biases and keep them aside. Judiciary needs to be humane and compassion and it is indeed the need of the hour. This alone can ensure the dignity of the citizens of India.

When a judge sits in the court, we have to forget our religious beliefs and decide cases only on the basis of our constitution. The constitution is our Bible, Quran, Geeta, Guru Granth Sahib and other religious books: Justice Gupta

Justice Gupta: The court during such times of pandemic must make an attempt to help the poorest of the poor.

We cannot be like an ostrich hiding our head and say nothing is wrong with the judiciary. However under CJI Bobde I am sure our judiciary will rise to the occasion.

Justice Gupta: In the last one month or one hand a half month, it's so poorly drafted and wants courts to lay down policy. This spoils a cause. This court has to ensure that every citizen lives a life of dignity.

Justice Gupta: In a country which professes to be a follower of rule of law and separation of powers, there is no alternative to a fearless and independent judiciary.

Though I have been called an activist judge or lawyer, I never stepped out of the boundaries. I never broke it. I knew these are my limitations. You can do a lot of work while remaining in your boundaries, Justice Gupta says.

Justice Gupta: When i was in the Supreme Court, I got a lot of cooperation from the Bar, I made sure that though arguments were heated, but there was no acrimony or mud-slinging between lawyers. Heated arguments does not mean we stoop down to levels of a fish market

Justice Gupta: My greatest ambition when I was at the law faculty of Delhi University was to address arguments someday in the Delhi University. God has been very kind.

Justice Gupta: First I would like to thank my father. He inculcated the trait of reading in me and it's only because of reading that I reached where I am. After my father passed away, it was my mother who gave us everything we needed for an elegant upbringing.

Justice Gupta: Though I am sad for leaving profession, I am happy that I will have more time for family and myself. I will get some time to read and pursue hobbies. I will also get to earn some more money than I do as a judge.

Justice Deepak Gupta: Today as I hang up my robes after 42 years in the profession, I have enjoyed each and every moment of it. Though I end relationship with court. My relationship with Bar can never end.

Justice Deepak Gupta
Justice Deepak Gupta

AG Venugopal: On dissent, you are first judge to come out so strongly and openly which should have been said earlier. Your thoughts that citizen has a right to protest in a peaceful manner will never be forgotten. A very bold statement to make while holding office as a SC judge

AG Venugopal: "You have handled not only big business cases, but have looked into cases of widows and how respect was restored to them. You have also struck down the law which paved the way for making any sexual relation with a woman below 18 as rape."

AG KK Venugopal: Justice Gupta, you are a young man and your health will permit to be a judge for the next 15 years. A judge to leave his office now at the age of 65 is unfair. We are sad that we could not meet you alongwith 600 to 700 colleagues of ours because of COVID-19.

AG KK Venugopal speaking during the farewell event.
AG KK Venugopal speaking during the farewell event.

Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave says: "Your departure creates a void, not only in the judicial side but on our personal side. I am jealous of the family members of Justice Gupta as they will be in exclusive possession of this great man. The Bar & Bench is eternally grateful to you."

SCBA President, Dushyant Dave speaking during the farewell event.
SCBA President, Dushyant Dave speaking during the farewell event.

President of SCBA states the Roger Mathew verdict delivered by Justice Deepak Gupta.

"You had said dissent cannot be said to be anti national," Dave says while addressing Justice Deepak Gupta

Dushyant Dave: "Integrity and impartially have always been integral to Justice Deepak Gupta's conduct. You my lord listen to your lawyers patiently. You brought your fine education and experience of being a great judge to this court. You have delivered 139 noteworthy verdicts."

President of Supreme Court Bar Association, Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave delivers the welcome address.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta and Attorney General KK Venugopal in attendance. Family members of Justice Deepak Gupta also attends the virtual farewell

Supreme Court Bar Association begins meeting on the Zoom platform to give a virtual farewell to Justice Deepak Gupta of the Supreme Court.

Justice Gupta was sworn in as a judge of the Supreme Court on February 17, 2017. He demits office on May 6, 2020

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