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Technology Law: The Hottest New Law in Town!

We are witnessing the beginning of a new era.

As technology takes the front seat in almost every life, the world as we know it is steadily changing.

You can see it all around you. We now gossip, shop, invest and communicate online.

In his 2016 Presidential Campaign for the first time Donald Trump used the term “fake news”, and sure enough, fake news has been more in the news ever since. So we are now even informed (or misinformed) online!

All this was sure to bring about a change in the law, and it did! Soon every practicing lawyer and law students all over the world began to be aware of the change.

The Government’s many initiatives for Digitalization and the recent Pandemic has rushed this change in India. In a mere couple of months the entire population somehow had to get used to ordering, transacting and banking online. Every Kiryana Shop now has a scanning code or some form of online payment. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the way we look at money!

Soon a new set of ethical dilemmas emerged and new problems arose as technology became more and more essential.

There is now an entirely new set of risks like identity theft, online scams, theft of intellectual property, violation of privacy and catfishing (digital misrepresentation of identity).

In short, if life changes, can law be far behind?

The embracing of technology in various industries has resulted in huge demand for legal professionals specialising in this trendy new law. However, it seems this is one trend which is here for good.

If you are not eyeing it yet, you definitely should!

The demand can only go up!

From Government Sectors to IT to NGOs, Start-ups and ECommerce everyone needs sound and practical legal advice to protect them from the bane and help them to profit from the boon of this ever evolving tool, technology.

And what do you need to be in order to be the tech lawyer of their dreams?

You need in-depth knowledge.

You need industry experience.

You need practical skills.


You need a mastery of the basics to explore the field with confidence.

According to CSO Online insufficient security and easy to avoid mistakes have cost businesses around the world over 1.23 billion dollars and the losses will only go up.

As a result, Tech Lawyers are being paid very handsomely around the world.

Why should this interest you?

The Indian IT industry has recorded a 7.2% year on year growth in 2021! There will be approximately 510 million gamers in the current fiscal year according to research. And the gaming industry will exponentially grow to accommodate them. There are now 778.09 million broadband subscribers in India. In internet usage we ranked only second to China in 2018.

The above mentioned numbers are just the tips of icebergs! Now think about the opportunities for skilled lawyers across the world!

The scope of remote freelancing and consulting are also growing in India again thanks to Digitalization and the WFH culture, once enforced by the pandemic. and now enjoyed by the general population.

With the new dawn emerging on the wings of digitalization, every legal professional should be ready to ride the waves of change!

Are you ready to benefit from the bounty of Technology Law and are you ready to dominate the future?

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