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Daksha Fellowship
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Ravi Kanth

Ravi Kanth

Legal education and the practice of law are poised to undergo tectonic changes.

First, the rise of technology-enabled and data-driven solutions raise novel legal challenges and compel rethinking of policy frameworks. Second, independent regulatory institutions have emerged as alternate sites of legal authority and law-making, in addition to courts and the political executive. Third, traditional models of adjudication are increasingly ceding space to alternate methods such as online dispute resolution, mediation and conciliation.

Finally, the world of work is undergoing a drastic reorientation as convincingly demonstrated by events post the Coronavirus outbreak, and the legal fraternity cannot remain immune to these transitions. In short, a lawyer in the digital age requires a new set of knowledge, expertise and skills to address these challenges.

The Daksha Fellowship offers a very different approach to legal education that responds to the imperatives outlined above.

Co-founded by Dr.Pramath Sinha, the visionary behind the Young India Fellowship, Anant Fellowship and similar forays in higher education, the Daksha Fellowship aims to bridge the gap between the worlds of academia, research and policy making on the one hand, and industry and practice on the other.

The program will drive pedagogic innovation by combining the academic rigour in traditional learning with the fluidity and dynamism offered by technology. Daksha fellows will learn from a cohort of founding faculty that consist of leading academics, policy researchers, law firm partners, corporate counsel, and eminent litigators.

The Daksha Fellowship offers three specialisations: Technology Law and Policy, Law and Regulation, and Disputes Resolution.

These specialisations have been designed to train proficient professionals for a rapidly growing technology sector, a highly regulated political economy, and a fast-changing dispute resolution landscape in India. Besides advanced knowledge in areas like data protection, arbitration, and procedure, the fellowship will also provide in-depth sectoral knowledge of domains like fin-tech, banking, telecom, energy and infrastructure, and social media.

In addition to specialised legal knowledge and expertise, the Daksha Fellowship also aims to impart non-legal knowledge and skills to help our fellows stand out in the workplace.

A specially designed online pre-term cluster of courses on mathematical thinking, and core courses on finance and accounting, data and decision-making, and introduction to public policy tools, are part of the fellowship. A communications lab and a work and well-being lab will also be run through the year for the fellows.

Some of the core benefits of this programme are,

  • International exposure, with a 10-day educational trip abroad;

  • Internships in top-legal firms and corporate entities;

  • Learning from a wide arena of professors and professionals trained in universities such as Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Oxford and Columbia;

  • Up to 100% tuition waiver for deserving candidates.

Invitations are open to the introductory information session on Daksha Fellowship. Hear from Dr Ananth Padmanabhan, Dean-Academic affairs about how the first fellowship in, law:

  • Is superior to a conventional and equivalent degree programme;

  • Uses a unique approach to pedagogy and learning;

  • Employs experiential learning to develop leadership and soft skills;

  • Provides opportunities for mentorship and networking;

  • Prepares you for in-demand positions in the world of work.


April 2020, Session Schedule
April 2020, Session Schedule

Who needs to attend the session?

  1. Students of final year Law UG/PG programme

  2. Fresh Law graduates who are looking for better opportunities

  3. Law professionals who are seeking a next-level opportunity with better packages.

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