Discipline and punctuality are vital for good administration: Maj Gen PK Sharma, Amity Law School

Maj Gen PK Sharma is the Director at Amity Law School, Gurugram
Discipline and punctuality are vital for good administration: Maj Gen PK Sharma, Amity Law School
Maj Gen PK SharmaAmity Law School - Gurugram

Bar & Bench: What are some of the ways in which the administration at Amity Law School, Amity University Gurugram is different from other law schools?

Are there any practices that you have introduced at ALS from your days in the Institute of Miltary Law?

PK Sharma: Discipline and punctuality are two main factors for good administration—be it Academics, Corporate or Legal Practice. At Amity Law School (ALS) we stand out by ensuring proper maintenance of discipline and working in the laid down timeframe.

The curriculum at ALS also covers Value Added Course like Foreign Language, a course on Behavioral Science and Communication Skills.

Additionally, all Law programmes include Study Abroad Programme (SAP) to help students to gain knowledge about various International Laws, executive policies, foreign culture, global diplomacy, international relations and so on.

Bar & Bench: What are some of the changes in the teachings and learning experiences at Amity University Gurugram due to the Covid pandemic?

PK Sharma: Amity Law School was quick to adopt the online mode of teaching. The School engaged its students during the lockdown to use various platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings and Amity University’s own Learning Management System.

These Course Management Systems (CMS) were used to deliver course content, communicate with the students and conduct evaluations.

The Teachers took live Online Classes, used flipped classroom techniques where the students were provided with content prior to the class to be discussed during the Online Sessions. Assignments, Quizzes among other, were used as evaluation tools.

ALS also organised online programs such as Webinars, Guest Lectures, Debate Competitions and Moot Drafting Competitions to enhance the skills of the students.

This integration of technology has been a boon in many ways, as the practice of Law these days is shifting towards providing automated or remote legal services and the courts are moving towards having more e-Courts for faster justice delivery.

Bar & Bench: How do you see the future of the legal profession panning out?

Do you think there are far too many law graduates and far too few legal jobs in India?

PK Sharma: Legal Profession is growing and will continue to grow as people are becoming increasingly aware of their rights and remedies available for the redressal of any infringement or abrogation of those rights.

Lockdown conditions, due to prevailing pandemic, have opened the doors and opportunities for even litigation to be conducted online.

Presently the Internet facilities are not up to the mark at the grassroots level but this is bound to improve soon and at a good pace.

Maj Gen PK Sharma
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Bar & Bench: Lastly, what should a good legal education provide?

PK Sharma: Law Schools and Legal Education must provide for an environment which is designed at developing the skills required for the legal profession.

ALS is making great efforts to move from traditional methodologies and incorporate practical learning, based on live projects.

Furthermore, multidisciplinary collaborations to enhance the entrepreneurial capabilities, which are a must for Law Firms or Corporate Law Practice and Technology Integrated Law Courses to stay abreast with the advances in technology for better Legal Service delivery, are the areas of focus to provide the future lawyers with more than just academic knowledge.

Maj Gen PK Sharma
In conversation with Dr. DK Bandyopadhyay, Amity Law School

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