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A minor victory for ALSD students fighting arbitrary attendance norms

Nalini Sharma

The PIL filed by an Amity Law School graduate against the allegedly arbitrary implementation of attendance norms was disposed of by the Delhi High Court yesterday.

Divyadeep Chaturvedi, the petitioner, told Bar & Bench  that at 1.10 pm yesterday afternoon, he was informed that students were given IDs and passwords to their online accounts on an internal website of Amity through which they could have access to their real time attendance records.

“It is a great step forward for the students. They are the ones who will benefit out of this.”

The law school, represented by Senior Advocate Rajiv Nayyar gave a demonstration of the website access to the bench of Badar Durrez Ahmed and Ashutosh Kumar, JJ. The law school also went on record to state that they would discontinue the undertakings that students were required to sign before the start of every academic year regarding their minimum attendance requirements. In addition, the law school undertook to  follow the attendance guidelines laid down by the University read with the Bar Council of India Rules.

Chaturvedi had raised other points in his prayer regarding the harassment faced by the students in the institution and the need for setting up a students’ council.

He stated,

“Our concerns have been largely addressed and the other prayers that I had made about appointment of student counselors and establishment of an embedded redressal mechanism, were not pressed for because the harassment issue and the issue of the mental health of the students is being considered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.”

The petition was accordingly disposed off.

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