It knocks on the doors of people's houses and hearts: Justice Gita Mittal speaks on the "Insaf ki Dastak" project

"It is very necessary that we look for unique solutions to provide for the unique problems that exist. Insaaf ki Dastak was our answer to the unique situation in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh", Justice Mittal says.
Justice Gita Mittal
Justice Gita Mittal

Justice Gita Mittal recently retired from judicial service as Chief Justice for the common High Court for Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Her tenure saw the launch of several laudable initiatives at the High Court, including the Insaf ki Dastak project inaugurated shortly before her retirement. Through this project, judges will travel to far-flung areas, which remain cut off due to harsh weather or difficult terrain, and decide cases at the people's doorsteps.

In this interview with Mohsin Dar of Bar & Bench, Justice Mittal speaks on the Insaf ki Dastak initiative, what inspired her to introduce this initiative, and more.

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