"Rajeev Dhavan stood like a rock."
"Rajeev Dhavan stood like a rock."

Ayodhya: Rajeev Dhavan objects to Bench hearing the case on Miscellaneous Days

Shruti Mahajan

Senior Counsel Rajeev Dhavan today raised an objection to the Constitution Bench hearing the Ayodhya case even on Miscellaneous days.

Dhavan told the Court that a speculation is doing rounds that the Constitution Bench will hear the Ayodhya case non-stop and the day to day hearing will also go on even on miscellaneous days of Mondays and Fridays.

Objecting to this anticipated five-day hearing in the case, Dhavan said that the hearing “cannot go on like this” and a move like this would make it difficult for the Counsel to prepare the case and assist the Court on the same.

The Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi told Rajeev Dhavan that the Bench has heard his grievance and will inform him about it soon.

In breaking away from the trend, the five-Judge Constitution Bench has taken up the high profile Ayodhya case for hearing on Friday which is a miscellaneous day. Normally Mondays and Fridays are miscellaneous days when the Court takes up fresh matters for admission and after notice cases. Final hearing case like the Ayodhya case are taken up for hearing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays which are non-miscellaneous days.

This move appears to be taken to ensure that the hearing in the case is complete before CJI Ranjan Gogoi superannuates on November 17 this year. However, owing to the same, the Supreme Court, despite functioning at full strength is short of three Benches today. Each Bench normally takes up between 50 and 60 fresh cases for hearing on every miscellaneous day.

The Court had earlier directed that the case be heard on a day to day basis after the report of the mediation panel suggested that no solution could be arrived at. The final hearing in the case began on Tuesday, August 6 and this is the fourth day of the hearing.

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