Bombay High Court
Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court cancels Summer Vacation, notifies timings for normal Court work if COVID-19 Lockdown is lifted

Aishwarya Iyer

It has been notified that the Summer Vacation for the High Court of Bombay and subordinate courts would stand cancelled if normal court working is restored after the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.

The notifications reads,

"The Hon'ble the Chief Justice, the Honorable administrative Judges of the Bombay High Court have been pleased to decide that the High Court of Bombay and Courts subordinate to it shall not avail Summer Vacation, if after 3rd May, 2020 and before 7th June, 2020, the normal Court working is restored by lifting the lock-down."
Bombay High Court

The High Court has also notified work timings, if normal court work is thus restored during the period of the earlier scheduled Summer vacation. As per the notice, the Dias Hour has been increased by half an hour for the Principal seat at Mumbai, among other changes.

The working hours for the Subordinate Courts during the said period, shall be as it was prior to the pandemic and the lockdown.

It is added that the Senior Judges at the various Benches can effect suitable changes in the timings in consultation with their colleagues and Bar Members to meet the local need.

Further, it is informed that modified working hours for the High Court, if any, from June 8 onward shall be notified separately.

Read the Notice here:

Bombay HC notice cancelling summer vacations.pdf
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