Collegium recommends four judges for elevation to Bombay High Court

Collegium recommends four judges for elevation to Bombay High Court

Aditya AK

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the elevation of four judicial officers to the Bombay High Court.

As per the resolution dated September 11, SM Modak, NJ Jamadar, VG Joshi and RG Avachat have been recommended for elevation as Bombay High Court judges.

The Collegium has deferred the appointment of two other judicial officers – PV Ganediwala and SB Agrawal. The resolution states,

“We have also taken note of the fact that the above proposal involves non-recommendation of some senior Judicial Officers. In this regard, we have gone through Minutes dated 28th November, 2017 of the High Court Collegium, which has duly recorded reasons for not recommending names of these Judicial Officers. We are in agreement with the justification given by the High Court Collegium in its Minutes dated 28th November, 2017 for not recommending these senior Judicial Officers.”

Judge Modak was one of the judges who accompanied Judge Loya to the hospital on the fateful night he passed away. Based on the statements made by Modak and three other judges, the Supreme Court had dismissed a petition calling for a probe into Judge Loya’s death in April this year.

Should the Centre sign off on these recommendations, the working strength of the Bombay High Court will go up to 72, as against a sanctioned strength of 94 judges.

Read the resolution:

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