Ikigai Law to host Webinars on India's New Data Protection Act

The webinars on Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 will be hosted across 5 sessions held from August 17 to August 31.
Ikigai Law's Webinar Series
Ikigai Law's Webinar Series

Ikigai Law will be hosting webinars on India’s new Data Protection Act to unpack different aspects of the new law and how it affects your business.

Session 1: Implementing Privacy - Where to Start(August 17, 3.30pm)   

Understand the vital first steps towards compliance; discuss potential implementation challenges.  

Session 2: Know Yourself - Fiduciary or Processor? (August 22, 3.30pm)   

Explore the dynamic relationship between data fiduciaries and processors. Where do the lines between these roles blur?    

Session 3: Revisiting Platform UI: (August 24, 3.30pm)   

Is catch-all consent sufficient? Are checkboxes a must? And if a link to a detailed privacy policy is sufficient.  Discuss the complexity of giving notices and obtaining consent.  

Session 4: Fiduciaries’ Obligations and User Rights: (August 29, 3.30pm)   

Best practices and potential pitfalls.  

Session 5: Sectoral Interplay (August 31, 3.30pm)   

Discuss how different industries - fintech, health, AI, edtech - will align their practices   

To join the Webinar, register at: https://forms.gle/2nWUiGCqNXvqzUd1A

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