IDIA proposes to set up physical test centers for NLAT aspirants unable to afford computers and internet, seeks volunteers to aid effort

IDIA proposes to set up physical test centers for NLAT aspirants unable to afford computers and internet, seeks volunteers to aid effort

Decisions about the precise location of the test centers are still in the pipeline and the finer details are still being threshed out, IDIA informs.

Lydia Suzanne Thomas

On September 3, the National Law School of India University announced its intention to conduct an exclusive entry examination, the National Law Admission Test (NLAT).

To overcome the accessibility issues involved with the conduct of the NLAT, IDIA, a Charitable Trust working on increasing access to legal education in India, has decided to set-up test centers for those unable to take the examination online because of connectivity/access issues.

NLSIU has prescribed an internet bandwidth of 1 mbps and a Windows bases desktop / laptop for the test, according to the specifications for the test released on September 5.

Currently, the plan is to set up as many (test) centres across India as possible, IDIA Director, Swati Agrawal, tells Bar & Bench.

To this end, IDIA's Press Release dated September 8 estimates that the number of seats available at these centers is 200+. These physical centers are expected to be located in Telangana, Karnataka, Mumbai, New Delhi etc.

“Once we have a clear idea about who wants technical support, we will try to set up centres to provide them access.”

Swati Agrawal

The IDIA’s present focus is to reach out to as many aspirants as possible, Agrawal says. To this end, the Trust has begun circulating a Google form to collect details about aspirants who will be requiring the IDIA’s assistance to write the examination. Whoever is unable to meet the NLAT’s technical requirements is invited to apply.

The Statement issued today announces that around 70 aspirants have already filled the form, the majority of whom belong to Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. IDIA estimates the number of people seeking assistance to reach 100.

Setting-up test centers is only one of the measures IDIA is rolling out for aspirants with accessibility concerns.

To help NLAT-aspirants with physical disabilities meet the strict requirements of the University’s fresh set of guidelines for these students, IDIA will attempt to provide scribes to those who will be requiring them.

Additionally, the Trust is seeking volunteers to support it in its endeavour to set up the physical centers. Persons willing to volunteer laptops, support with internet, monetary help, and act as on-site volunteers on the date of the examination are invited to do so by entering their details at this form.

In parting, Agrawal emphasises that the measures proposed are in still the pipeline and a work in progress, dependent to a large extent on the kind of partnerships and assistance the organisation will be receiving.

Read IDIA's Press Release here:

IDIA Proposes to Establish Physical Centers to Help Students for Writing NLAT - Press Release dated September 8.docx
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