Kurian spring cleans the Patent Office

Kurian spring cleans the Patent Office

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India has lost a lot of patents because of its unorganized and lengthy process of filing, bribing and finally receiving a patent. With the amount of competition from emerging markets like China, India is losing out on its patent count as the filing is more organized and easily processed with less hassles abroad.

The Forbes reports that GE, Microsoft, Philips, 3M are looking at innovation out of India very seriously. These companies need a good intellectual property (IP) office to work with to enable smooth filings of IP not just in India, but abroad as well. With P.H. Kurian being appointed as the Controller General in January 2009 the filing has become promptly organised and digitalised. All forms for declaring a patent have been uploaded and are now available online. Kurian says, “I have put in place an electronic system that pushes the overall system to move in a certain direction”.

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