Student protests at Law Centre-1, Faculty of Law, DU
Student protests at Law Centre-1, Faculty of Law, DU
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Faculty of Law, Delhi University students protest against non-approval of LLB degrees

The students of Faculty of Law, University of Delhi have made a number of demands

Aishwarya Iyer

The students of the Law Centre- I, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, have been protesting against the non-approval of their LL.B degrees over the course of a week.

According to a list published by the Bar Council of India (BCI), in compliance with orders of the Delhi High Court dated December 4, 2019, only those students who have taken admission till the year 2016-17 have a valid degree in law.

Consequently, the present batches, who have enrolled after the academic year 2016-17 and who would be graduating this year and onward, would not obtain a valid law degree.

Student protests
Student protests Source: Unknown

In light of these facts, students are demanding that their degrees should be immediately approved by the BCI.

It is alleged by the students that their grievances have not been acknowledged by the administration so far.

Students contend that the apathetic attitude of the administration completely disregards regulations of the University Grants Commission (UGC), which state that student grievances should be disposed of within 15 days. Further, these regulations also require a a report to be submitted to the students as well as the Vice-Chancellor of the University, the students point out.

Protesting against the present state of affairs, the students are demanding that the UGC regulations as well as BCI’s rules of legal education be complied with by the University.

Additional demands made by the student protestors include, reforms in evaluation systems, transparency in administration, compliance with the RTI Act, disclosure of financial records, constitution of a Student’s union, other basic amenities such as clean drinking water and a proper canteen for the students.

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