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Coronavirus lockdown: Bar Council of Delhi to provide financial assistance of Rs. 5,000 to advocates unable to meet day-to-day expenses

Assistance to the extent of Rs 5,000 per advocate may be provided by BCD to advocates in Delhi/NCR.

Aditi Singh

To mitigate the difficulties of fellow colleagues during the ongoing period of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Bar Council of Delhi has decided to provide assistance to the extent of Rs 5,000 to advocates facing financial difficulties.

“"We, the members of Bar Council of Delhi, are conscious of the extra ordinary situation created, whereby, everybody have been confined to their houses and are not allowed to go out, some advocates in Delhi/NCR and their family members are not in a position to meet their daily requirements for food and medicine etc. due to lack of finance. In such an unprecedented crisis being faced by the Advocates in Delhi/NCR, it is resolved that the "Indigent and Disabled Committee of Bar Council of Delhi" is authorised to consider request for grant of financial assistance, in genuine and bonafide cases of advocates, to the extent of Rs. 5,000 per Advocate.”
Bar Council of Delhi

All the Senior Advocates and Members of the Bar are also requested to generously contribute money for providing assistance to the deserving members of the Bar.

The Bar Council of Delhi has clarified that this extra ordinary arrangement is made only for advocates who are unable to meet their day-to-day expenses for food or medicines.

Speaking to Bar & Bench, Chairman of Bar Council of Delhi, KC Mittal said,

"People are confined, they are unable to go to court but they have to sustain..In such sitiuations, you have to share the responsibility. The idea to help as far as possible. It think we will be able to do some good things.."

If any particulars in the application for assistance are found to be false, the Bar Council may take any action against such advocate.

A request for assistance can be made by advocates:

(A) who are residing on rented accommodation and can furnish rent agreement or his self-attested affidavit in this regard;

(B) who are member of Bar Association of Supreme Court/High Court/District Courts/ Tribunals at Delhi for the last three years uninterruptedly.

Advocates/applicants required to pass AIBE mandatorily must enclose/refer passing acknowledgement.

A request for assistance may be emailed to the Bar Council of Delhi at, in the following format:-


Name of Advocate : - Photo (to attach)

Father's name :-

Enrollment Number: -

Place of Practice :-

Residence address: -

Details of Bank, Account no and IFSC code:-

Membership Number of Bar Association: -

Income details :-


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