[COVID-19 crisis in Delhi] Army can't set up field hospitals, resources are stretched: Centre tells Delhi High Court- LIVE UPDATES

The Bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli is hearing the matter.
[COVID-19 crisis in Delhi] Army can't set up field hospitals, resources are stretched: Centre tells Delhi High Court- LIVE UPDATES
Delhi HC live

The Delhi High Court is hearing issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic in Delhi. The Bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli is hearing the matter.

Yesterday, the Court had directed Centre to show cause as to why contempt of court should not be initiated for non-compliance of orders directing supply of oxygen.

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Live updates of the hearing today feature here.

A petition is moved to direct Delhi govt to compensate the family of those who have died on account of oxygen shortage.

To maintain such a claim, specific facts have to be stated and corroborated before any compensation is granted: Court

Petitioner decides to withdraw the petition.

Court begins hearing in the batch of petitions.

Things seem to be getting better : Amicus Rajshekhar Rao

Yesterday, till midnight.. we received 555 MT yesterday. On May 2nd we received 447 MT...on May 1, there was an order by the Court and everything was moved .. then yesterday there was an order. Kindly keep the pressure.. : Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra for Delhi government

My request is that.. I will not beyond a point.. the court will read between the lines. This order if implemented.. saves lives: Mehra

Mehra urges court to monitor the situation on a daily basis.

I've no doubt we will reach 700MT soon : Mehra

Since yesterday.. electronic and print media carried something.. I called the amicus also. I wanted to convey something else and it came as something else...: ASG Chetan Sharma

I was deeply pained.. : ASG Sharma

Let's put it very plainly.. matter is there is a huge requirment and deficit for Delhi.. matter is that allocation has been made by centre less than what is required.. Supreme Court also found that yes, you were bound.. we issued an order, it was not complied: Court

You are seeing everyday, you are here.. it is a reaction to that.. we are human beings : Court

It's displayed as if I have insensitivity.. : ASG Sharma

Are you going to wait for the formality.. (of Delhi govt writing for you)?: Court

I just wanted to place my humble anguish: ASG Sharma.

We are all suffering at anguish.. : Court

I am totally alive to the situation: ASG Sharma

Both officers are present but Central government has filed an SLP against yesterday's order and the order passed earlier .. the Bench (in Supreme Court) may assemble.. the court may keep this matter tomorrow or at 2 pm : Solicitor General Tushar Mehta

Court says it will take this aspect at 2:30 pm.

Let the officers join at 2:30.. : Court

I would need to be briefed (for Supreme Court hearing).. if the court could passover the matter : Mehra

There are small things that we can take up.. just in terms of distribution: Rao

We'll continue..(on aspects that we can) : Court

Even medicine issues is there: SG Tushar Mehta

Court allows Mehta and SG Mehta to leave the hearing.

The UOI had filed a list of documents.. : Rao

When huge aid is received, it is being allocated to govt hospitals without even ascertaining if it is needed : Rao

Rao points of the example of Lady Hardinge.

Not every bed needs oxygen concentrators. Hospitals are suffering.. whoever is advising.. he needs some medical advice: Rao

400 vials of remdesivir could not be picked up : Rao as he points out that there are issues with the Drug Controller's portal

What we can now do it.. we run through the UOI compliances: Rao

Somebody could start looking at the petition that Mr Sanjoy Ghose mentioned for judicial officers... we'll just flag that : Rao

Court is going through the Amicus' list on compliances by UOI.

It's not certain how the tankers (of Inox) registered in Haryana were allocated to Rajasthan.. Centre has to clarify: Rao

We've asked Delhi govt to reduce the load on Seth Air: Rao

Rao says last mile delivery is taking time : Rao

Rao discusses certain technical issues with the tankers used for distribution of liquid oxygen.

Larger tankers should be used for dumping and smaller ones for last mile delivery: Court

Can the diameter of the nozzle be standardized: Court

Not immediately in the short term..large chunk of disruption is because.. reallocation has resulted in long term relationships breaking: Rao

Delhi govt needs to ramp up storage.. what have they done in 6 months.. what are the independent steps that they have taken : Rao

Rao says Inox has a 200 ton storage tanker in Kandla. process to build the platform for the tanker will have 2-4 weeks. We have to start yesterday: Rao

State has to start looking for alternatives (for PSA plants) if the vendor is not available: Rao

God forbid there is a third wave.. At least the next we shouldn't be having this conversation: Rao

Are tankers detained in Rajasthan being used? : Court

Rao and counsel for Inox say they are not aware.

Mr Chetan Sharma was to come back on army : Rao

Issue has been addressed. We are asking for more information from the army : Adv Amit Mahajan

They (Army) don't seem to have oxygen to cater to their own needs..if army says there's no point setting up additional beds but can help with internal matters...these are aspects.. : Rao

People are trying to reach Delhi govt helplines.. : Rao

My cousin brother kept trying from 4am to 5:30am.. it was not working: Justice Rekha Palli

Biggest issue apart from Oxygen is mismanagement.. : Senior Adv Malvika Trivedi

We need to push centre to let engineering department of army to come in : Adv Sanjeev Saga

Delhi fights corona website now has a link to show hours of oxygen left.. : Rao

We got a lot of oxygen for Maharaja Agrasen Hospital.. we inducted 30 new patients..other hospitals can also do it : Adv Alok Aggarwal

Rao says Centre has to tell what steps it has taken to augment infrastructure.

Rao takes the Court through UOI compliances.

Rao says Centre should give periodical report on the status of customs clearance for oxygen concentrator.

We need to allocate the aid mindfully and not just give it to govt hospitals: Rao

Also how many have actually reached the hospitals : Rao

Senior Adv Krishnan Venugopal raises issues of oxygen concentrators in customs.

It is there (in the compilation..) : Rao

It is updated on daily basis.. it can be given to court also : Mahajan

I have no difficulty in sharing data.. if everyone has different suggestions.. 99-98% have been cleared.. private couriers are pending and we can't do anything about it : Mahajan

Rao says from 24-30th, 48,800 oxygen concentrators have been pending.

Rao says over 28k ventilators came in and it needs to be seen where they have gone.

Rao says critical equipment has come into India.

Somebody can assist...if this is coming to Delhi, where is it going : Rao

It should go to places that matter.. it can't be lying in a box outside AIIMS.. : Rao

Venugopal raises issue of IGST on oxygen concentrators on personal use..

Mahajan says a petition listed before another bench.

Rajasthan govt is using our tankers. Inox is not using them : Adv Aseem Chaturvedi for Inox Air

Adv Shyel Trehan mentions petition on giving COVID relief to workers.

Trehan reads the order passed in the petition earlier.

The Board has come up with an SoP : Adv Urvi Mohan for DBOCWW Board

Mohan takes the Court through the SoP to be followed when a construction worker tests positive for COVID19.

Adv Rakesh Malhotra says Rapid tests should replace RT-PCR for workers as the latter is expensive.

Senior Adv G Tushar Rao explains how Rapid Antigen tests work.

No written report is generated? : Court

They give a small report: Tushar Rao

Trehan says even those construction workers should be covered whose registration has expired.

Trehan says she would get back on ICMR stand on RAT.

I do feel this is the understanding. I will get back with concrete instructions: Mohan

Trehan says the Board should advertise the SoP through SMS.

I've told them.. : Mohan

We could give you sometime for this. You should do : Court

Trehan says Vaccination camps can be set up for workers.

Vaccinations.. when they are rolled out on a large scale.. it requires medical set up. It is already hard-pressed. We need to have a doctor..: Court

Venugopal suggests there could be a local commissioner to report to amicus from the districts.

Venugopal says there need to be more oxygen PSA plants.

Venugopal makes other suggestions with respect to supply chain of oxygen.

Court asks Rao to consider if help from Delhi IIT and DCE could be taken for technical aspects.

Rao says if Adv Aditya Prasad is saying that he has quotes from people on cryogenic tankers and Delhi govt is saying they're not available, there seems to be some disconnect.

We'll coordinate with Mr Prasad...if tankers are readily available: Rao

Whether this quotation is serious, not serious, we don't know: Court

Rao points out the delivery time to 3-4 weeks.

That's for an individual person like me and not State : Prasad

We've explored PSA plants, oxygen generator and cryogenic tankers : Prasad

We've done a general search..on quotation: Prasad

Things are available but they are taking time.. : Prasad

Court says both tankers and tanks are required for Delhi.

Court continues to discuss the installation of PSA plant in hospitals and their importance.

Chaturvedi says Delhi govt has to augment storage for oxygen.

State has to examine.. and they must tell court if they have applied their minds : Rao

They should take help from IITs.. how much capacity they need looking at the numbers... somebody competent has to look into it : Court