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DU OBE, Delhi HC
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[DU OBE] Delhi HC asks DU to clarify the method of evaluation for final year UG students: LIVE UPDATES

The matter is being heard by a Bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad.

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The Delhi High Court is hearing a petition concerning open book examination for final year DU students.

The Court will take up the issues being faced by students moving abroad for higher education.

The matter is listed before Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad.

Live updates of the hearing today feature on this page.

Are examination result on cumulative basis? : Court

Prof Ajay Arora will explain this: Advocate M Rupal

We have submitted everything. It is based on the average of all students : Prof Arora

Advocate Amir Pasrich: Students are assessed individually. Now they are saying there is standard deviation and averaging out.

Advocate Pasrich appears for a student who has obtained provisional admission in a foreign university.

The way we calculate the result is in the affidavit: Prof Arora

Court breaks for 10 minutes to enable the members of the Grievance Redressal Committee to go through DU's affidavit.

Hearing resumes.

We have to see if cumulative or comparative grade point system is followed: Court

There was no dispute that results in a confidential manner was to be sent for PG students/LLB students because there was no grading for them: Senior Advocate BB Gupta from Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC)

It was never agreed upon before the Court. It was decided in a meeting of the GRC: Advocate Rupal for DU

The minutes were recorded with the consent of all. It was decided that the result of PG/LLB students would be complied by September 10 : Advocate Kamal Gupta from GRC

As per the earlier order that Mr BB Gupta is referring to, we said we would start evaluation in 15 days. We can't declare the results on the same day: Advocate Rupal

You were to forward the answer sheets on the same day on the exam: Court

Answer sheets were to be collected from portal and email: Advocate Rupal

We're not saying that were started after 15 days: Advocate Rupal

Prof DS Rawat: It is done by Director, Computer Centre. Distribution has already started.

Assuming it took you two days to sort out the answer sheets, did you send them for evaluation on the third day?: Court

Papers were sent after Aug 31: Court is informed

I joined on August 26: Prof Rawat

We are concerned with the university: Court

The single judge had ordered that the papers had to be sent for evaluation simultaneously: Senior Advocate Gupta

We had asked that all concerned officials must join the hearing: Court

Prof Rawat calls another DU official to ask as to when the evaluation of papers started.

Is this how we are going to conduct our hearing? : Court

What should we do now? : Court

Can Prof Sanjeev Singh join the hearing? : Advocate Rupal asks DU official.

He is not able to join : Prof Rawat

We took a break so that everyone could join. This is most unacceptable: Court

The link was sent: Advocate Rupal

Please answer if Prof Sanjeev can join?: Advocate Rupal asks Prof Rawat

I will ask: Prof Rawat

Then you say you are getting adverse publicity. You do it yourself: Court

In your affidavit you talk about "combined result". Does it refer to a single student or the entire batch?: Court

The evaluation system was changed in 2017 by the Vice chancellor: Senior Advocate B Gupta

For students prior to 2017, there is no system in grading system: Court notes.

So the new evaluation only applies to students who entered in 2019 and not others: Court

Therefore, the old procedure of totalling the marks of each student would apply: Court

The present final year joined in 2017. So now can confidential results be declared for students going abroad?: Court

For those PG students who want to go abroad, there is no issue. 8 Students have come so far: Advocate Rupal

For UG, just for confidential results, we can issue tentative results subject to correction, based on past performance. 188 students are there from almost every streams: Advocate Rupal

The result would be sent directly to the foreign university: Advocate Rupal

Average of all semester will come as marks for the final semester. We have approved a format. It will be for students who have no back paper and who have appeared in all OBE..it can be sent to foreign universities: Prof Rawat

We need a day's time to see if we are within the permissible limits. We are trying to help the students: Advocate Rupal

The idea is to take the matter to its logical conclusion: Court

We have tried to review ourselves and give best possible help: Advocate Rupal

At least for LLB students, there is no question of comparative marking. For LLB/PG , there are only 8. This can be done: Court

The examiners are already hard pressed. Our endeavour is to do it as soon as possible: Advocate Rupal

For PG, teachers have already expedited the process: Prof Rawat

There is a particular format of Cambridge. I need to upload the comfort letter : Advocate Sukhija for a student.

Confidential result cannot be shared. It has to go directly to the foreign university : Court

I need them to indicate the date of declaration of result: Advocate Sukhija

We can't say when that would be : Advocate Rupal

Cambridge gave me September 19 as last date to upload the letter. They say that the date of result is not mentioned and it should be before October 10: Advocate Sukhija

You have to have a macro view. You have to be aware of the ground realities also: Court

We will try to work out and come with a proposal: Advocate Rupal

Can you do it (declare result) before Octover 10?: Court

Give us time: Advocate Rupal

Let the university not send out further comfort letters.

Some damage seems to have been done by letters which state that results will come in October end : Advocate Kamal Gupta

I will take clarification from DU on how students are being evaluated: Advoctae Rupal

Ask him now, he's here: Court

On Monday we will clarify: Advocate Rupal

I don't have this information right now : Prof Rawat

He is Acting Dean of Examination. Prof Gupta is on leave : Advocate Rupal

I will make sure that everyone is present on Monday : Advocate Rupal

Court begins dictating the order.

Court records the submissions and the affidavit filed by DU.

Students have been informed that DU will send a comfort letter to the foreign universities concerned: Court records

Comfort letter for 46 students were dispatched without factoring in the final draft by the GRC: Court

Even the work "open" was misspelt as "pen book examination": Advocate Pasrich

180 UG students have applied for comfort letters. They are in different streams: Court records

Some discussion has taken place on sending a provisional result: Court records.

Court may not record it today as we are still discussing it: Advocate Rupal

Court records that the officials are discussing with the issue and trying to arrive at a proposal.

The aspect of cumulative grade point average vis a vis comparative grade point avg is not clear. Appropriate light shall be thrown on the next date of hearing: Court

Things will be resolved by September 14.

We are equally anxious: Court tells Advocate Sukhija

Hearing adjourned till Monday, September 14.

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