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Delhi HC issues notice in law graduates plea for acceptance of online enrolment applications by Bar Council of Delhi

It is the Petitioners' grievance that the Bar Council of Delhi does not accept enrollment applications in electronic/online format.

Aditi Singh

The Delhi High Court has issued notice in a petition by two law graduates seeking a direction to the Bar Council of Delhi to accept their enrollment applications in electronic form. (Ananya Bajpai & anr vs BCD)

Notice to the Bar Council of Delhi was issued by a single Judge Bench of Justice Navin Chawla in the petition by Ananya Bajpai and Kartikeya Sharma, law graduates from National Law University, Jodhpur.

It is the Petitioners' grievance that Bar Council of Delhi does not accept enrollment applications in electronic/online format and requires one to make multiple physical visits to its office or a bank for the purpose of purchasing the enrollment form, depositing the fees, and submitting the completed form.

This process, Petitioners claim, is unreasonable, discriminatory and restrictive, particularly during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Petitioners have a reasonable and legitimate expectation to enrol with the Bar Council of their choosing upon graduation. The Respondent (Bar Council of Delhi) is under an obligation to facilitate the enrolment of willing applicants. Instead, however, the rigorous enrolment process operates to disincentivise potential applicants and violates their basic rights, particularly during the pandemic.
the Petition reads.

The Petitioners have asserted that the enrollment process must include the option for an electronic application as it would benefit not only Delhi-based graduates but also the ones who wished to enrol with Bar Council of Delhi but reside outside the national capital.

It is also pointed out that Bar Council of Delhi's insistence on physical presence is in stark contrast to several other State Bar Councils across the country, including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, which permit an electronic enrolment process.

The matter would be heard next on September 29.

Advocates Abhijat, Sanam Tripathi, Shaashwat Jindal appeared for the Petitioners.

Advocate SK Mittal appeared for BCD.

Read the Order:

Ananya Bajpai vs BCD.pdf
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