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DU OBE, Delhi HC
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DU's preparedness to conduct Online Open Book Exam for final year students amid COVID-19: LIVE UPDATES from Delhi HC hearing

The Division Bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad is monitoring DU's preparedness to conduct the exam.

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The Delhi High Court is hearing petitions concerning online open book examination for final year DU students.

The Division Bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad is monitoring DU's preparedness to conduct the exam.

Live updates of the hearing today feature on this page.

In the last hearing, the Court directed DU to conduct a physical exam from September 14, and to collate the data of PWD students who would sit for physical exam, among other directions.

To read an account of the last hearing in the matter on August 17, click here.

Bench assembles.

Dean of Examination is hospitalized but he has deputed someone : Senior Advocate Sachin Dutta for DU.

I have submitted the latest figure on OBE: Dutta

For regular students, out of total 79,533 registered students, around 71,000 submitted the question paper through the portal : Dutta

Total email ID submissions are 7,975: Dutta

Have you sorted out the duplication? : Court

7,975 is through email only : Dutta

Only 1,500-1,600 will remain : Dutta

COVID has not fully gone, authorities have thought that the same mode may be offered in the second round as well : Dutta

For PWD students, 647 successfully submitted through the portal. For PWD, I don't have the email data. We are in the process of compiling: Dutta

This is virtually 50% of the students: Court

This gap would lessen once we have email data : Dutta

For post graduate courses and LLB, only 780 are left. This number is leftover in physical exams as well. By and large, students utilised the portal.

Blended mode can be made available for the second round as well. Students may choose. Online mode will only be through email : Dutta

Court questions the large gap for students in school of open learning.

The number of registered was also less : Dutta

Petitioner, Prateek Sharma points out that the left out students are not 1,500-1,600 but 8,500.

Our estimate is that the number will reduce by the time exams end: Dutta

Our problem is that the Dean of Examination is in hospital, I hope he recovers soon: Dutta on lack of email data for PWD students

I hope it is not COVID: Court

We don't know yet : Dutta

Senior Advocate SK Rungta for National Federation of the Blind : They say that they don't have data on PWD. Why are they shying away from the data of visually impaired students. I can say with certainty that I have about 222 confirmed VI students who did not sit for OBE.

We are hearing the matter. Where can they go? Best they will give the data day tomorrow, day after: Court

Whatever has happened has happened. We have to find a solution which is fair and equitable for all: Rungta

The Court may hear our Petition before finalizing their notice on second round of exams : Rungta

What is that you want to say so that we factor it in : Court

I just got it (the affidavit). They are proposing both modes (remote and physical). For physical, they are saying they will not give any assistance: Rungta

We will look at it : Court

Prateek Sharma points out that the proposed notice says that no assistance will be provided during the second round.

What about providing assistance to PWD students? Scribes? : Court

Whatever assistance was given in the previous years shall be given here as well : Dutta

Let this OBE mode continue. Students will come to Delhi. Scribes are easily available here. I know the colleges have no facility: Rungta

We have to take into account the plight of the staff as well. PWD students are given 6 hours to write the exam : Rungta

Court may see if UOI, DU can bear the cost of transportation of students. Boarding, lodging I will provide: Rungta

Can we extend the benefit of the PWD Act to this extent? : Court

Yes, during a disaster it can be. I am not asking for something that is not in law: Rungta

Let OBE finish. Mr Rungta's matter was listed for Sept 3: Dutta

How will we get reservation? There is only one train coming from some areas : Court

Students are by and large from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Some are from Madhya Pradesh. Some are from Haryana and Punjab: Rungta

As per our data, PWD students prefer email submissions rather than coming here: Dutta

The issue is of scribes for VI students : Court

They have not provided data on VI students : Prateek Sharma

They have given data on PWD students: Court

The issue is that adequate arrangements will have to be made by VI students who want to come to Delhi for the second round of examination: Court

It would be better if final tally is before the Court. 31st is the last date. These were the people who were skeptical : Dutta

They had every reason : Court

We are very optimistic : Dutta

Show us that it is backed by figures : Court

Figures will show that 90% students in PWD category appeared in the OBE : Dutta

Is there anything that Ministry can do for PWD students travelling to Delhi ? : Court asks Central Government

I will need instructions: Standing Counsel Ripudaman

Ministeries need to join hands and request the Railways to provide assistance: Court

I will email the list of VI students with address : Rungta

I have the entire list of left out PWD students: Dutta

For those who need trains to travel, consider subsidizing the tickets and ensure booking: Court tells Centre

I will give them food and accommodation: Rungta

I will endeavour to help them but I need instructions: Advocate for Centre

In most streams, the exams are over. We can give more accurate figures on September 1 : Dutta

What about study material? : Court

I have received requests. I will file an affidavit complying with earlier order on providing material to students: Dutta

Court issues notice to the Ministery of Railways to streamline the process for PwD students.

All leftover students, whether registered or not, will be given an opportunity to sit in the second round. Students can register till September 8. This exam will be physical as well through email : Dutta

Students are finding the online process to be seamless : Dutta

How many complaints were received by Grievance Committee ? : Court

We don't have that data right now: Dutta

For grievance part, we will give you time : Court

The process in on. We are awaiting the result of the Supreme Court decision in UGC matter. The judgment will affect the academic calendar: Advocate Apurv Kurup for UGC on advisory to colleges to extend timeline for admission to PG courses.

There was a Petition by Mr Rungta before the Supreme Court against the OBE: Dutta

It was not challenging OBE. We wanted alternate mode of exam: Rungta

I withdrew it to raise my grievance before the HC: Rungta

Since this Court was already issuing orders and addressing our grievances, the Petition before Supreme Court was withdrawn: Rungta

Court turns to the UGC issue.

UGC was asked to deal with the issue of PG colleges insisting on provisional certificates from students who have gained admission. Time is of the essence here: Advocate Manik Dogra

We expect you to come back with something substantial on September 1 : Court tells UGC

We will be able to expedite the timeline of declaration of results. Right now we are targeting October: Dutta

We generally take 85 days : Dutta

We are utilising all the resources at our end : Dutta

October end is genuinely as fast as it can happen: Dutta

To my knowledge, other universities did physical examination or dispensed with it : Dutta

There are other colleges which are conducting online : UGC

If results come in October, people going abroad will be adversely affected: Advocate Amir Pasrich

Court begins dictating the order.

Court records the submissions made the parties.

Court notes that it had earlier ordered sending of requests by Delhi University to foreign universities to accommodate students.

Court records the data given by DU.

Court records DU's proposal to hold the second round of examination through physical as well as email mode.

Court notes that if exams are to commence from September 14, the last date of registration as September 8 is too late.

They are giving two options. But some VI students will come to Delhi, search for a scribe but sit for online examination instead of physically going to the college : Rungta

If they are giving through email, their location does not matter : Dutta

Court directs DU to add a para in the notice for second round of Examination to inform PWD students about the option to take the exam physically or online mode with the help of scribes. PWD students to intimate their preference by September 4.

Complaints with request to non supply of reading material to be made to the Grievance Committee: Court directs

Court directs Ministry of HRD, Social Justice to approach the Ministry of Railway and request it to arrange travel for leftout PWD students from distant States.

Railways shall consider the feasibility of issuing confirmed tickets to such students at subsidized rates. Bookings be done at least five days before the second round starts : Court

Affidavit on steps taken by Ministries to be filed: Court

PWD students who wish to come to Delhi may send an email to DU : Court adds.

Matter to be heard next on September 1.

Hearing ends.

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