Education cases, particularly those concerning medical education, must be prioritised, disposed of within the same academic year: Madras HC

"Any misplaced sympathy shown by Courts in the field of education and more particularly in medical education will send a wrong signal and institutions and candidates", the Court added.
Justice Anand Venkatesh, judge of the Madras High Court
Justice Anand Venkatesh, judge of the Madras High Court

The Madras High Court on Wednesday highlighted that cases concerning educational admissions must be prioritised, so that it can be clarified in a timely manner that admissions done in violation of applicable rules will not be tolerated.

"It is high time that Courts start showing more seriousness in cases of this nature particularly coming under medical education since the institutions and the candidates must be given a very clear message that any admission that is done in violation of the Regulations, will not be tolerated by the Courts and the Courts will not deal with such cases with kid gloves."
Madras High Court
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