GHCAA President Yatin Oza
GHCAA President Yatin Oza
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"Will immediately take up all issues again", GHCAA President Yatin Oza withdraws resignation after Managing Committee unanimously rejects it

After Oza tendered his resignation yesterday citing his helplessness in resolving various grievances, an extraordinary urgent meeting through WhatsApp was called at 10 pm to unanimously reject the resignation.

Aishwarya Iyer

After the President of the Gujarat High Court Advocates’ Association (GHCAA), Yatin Oza tendered his resignation stating that he was absolutely helpless in redressing the grievances of the Members of the Bar, the Association's Managing Committee was swift to unanimously reject the same.

Oza had expressed anguish in being unable to redress the grievances of the members when they needed him the most.

In this regard, he had also cited the difficulties in resolving internal disagreements within the Association on various issues such as hearings through virtual conferencing and entry of advocates to their chambers.

While recounting recent events preceding his resignation, he also took critical note that some lawyers who supported continuing virtual hearings, had since registered protest over issues arising out of the same.

"Once a particular advocate has voted for V. C., he or she must understand that he or she cannot have the cake and eat it too. If you have voted for virtual hearing, you have to face the problems related to it and you must yourself know how to deal with it", his letter stated.

He added that some of these 36% members of the Bar in minority had been "using most intemperate and indecent language in abusing majority view."

Having held the office of the President of the Association for almost 18 years, he added in his resignation letter that he would remain grateful and obliged to each and every member of the Bar.

However, he added that he sought a fresh mandate of the Bar on one issue alone, i.e. the physical reopening of the Courts, given that majority of the members had voted for it. He had also requested the Managing Committee to hold the election in two weeks time.

Referring to the fact that the majority of lawyers needed physical courts to reopen, Oza had added, "If with the blessings of the seniors and love and affection of the juniors, I am elected as President of the Bar, I promise that I shall go to any extent regardless of its result or consequence to see that the court physically re-opens. Those sitting in air-conditioned bungalows and air conditioned chambers have really no idea what the pain and suffering is to 1,800 members out of 2,400 members."

Read the Resgination Letter:

Yatin Oza Resignation Letter.pdf

However, the development prompted the Managing Committee of the GHCAA to call an extraordinary urgent meeting through WhatsApp at 10 pm on Tuesday, to unanimously reject the resignation. Further, a resolution was also passed for the withdrawal of Oza's resignation.

General Secretary Hardik Brahmbhatt conveyed the same to Oza and in respecting the wishes of the Managing Committee, Oza has agreed to withdraw his resignation forthwith.

In a message circulated since Oza has conveyed that he had sent in his resignation on feeling helpless in resolving various issues.

Following "overwhelming phone calls and messages from juniors and seniors alike" urging him to reconsider his resignation, some of whom are stated to have threatened to go on an indefinite hunger strike, Oza has intimated that he has withdrawn his resignation and decided to abide by the wishes of the members.

He adds, "I have always stood by them and will stand and fight for their rights till the end. I will immediately take up all the issues again with the concerned authorities and try and resolve the issues as early, as possible Including physical functioning of all courts in state of Gujarat.
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