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Delhi HC and Delhi University
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DU final year exams: Delhi HC directs Railways to ensure confirmed seats for PWD students travelling for second phase [LIVE UPDATES]

The Division Bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad is monitoring DU's preparedness to conduct the exam.

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The Delhi High Court is hearing petitions concerning online open book examination for final year DU students.

The Division Bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad is monitoring DU's preparedness to conduct the exam.

Live updates of the hearing today feature on this page.

Senior Advocate Sachin Dutta for DU : Registered students for exam is lesser total students because some students leave the course but their names remain on paper.

Only every handful of PWD students are left out : Dutta

Only 10-12 visually impaired students are left for the second round of OBE. Out of 221 registered, 207 submitted the answer sheet : Dutta

Figures are open promising for SOL. 6 PWD category students are left for second round. 4 are visually impaired: Dutta

Across all categories, only 326 applications have been received for the second round of OBE. Last date of registration is Sept 8. Most students have successfully managed to appear in the first phase. Not more than 1500 would appear in the second phase: Dutta

So there will be very few PWD students would be traveling to Delhi. Mr Rungta, do you have any input? : Court

Senior Advocate SK Rungta for National Federation of the Blind: According to their estimate, 29-30 visually impaired students are left out. I did a survey for boarding and lodging for those who would be coming to Delhi to appear for the second phase. I have 111 requests.

50 visually impaired students have already filled up their forms and most would be coming to Delhi. Whatever is the number, they have to be given the opportunity: Rungta

There are two issues. One is availability of accessible reading material. The order on supplying reading material was not complied with. Court said the issue will be dealt by the Grievance Committee. The Committee should give a report to the Learned Single Judge: Rungta

This is an not an appeal. We don't need to pass any order to the Single Judge.: Court

Let the report come before this Court : Rungta

We are looking at resolution alone: Court

Let the Grievance Committee point things out before the Single Judge. We have not passed any order. Whatever is open is open: Court

Grievance Committee was constituted by Single Judge. Committee was upheld by us. That's all. It is for the concerned party to move the Single Judge : Court

Let us focus on the second phase: Court

Does 111 include the 50 that have registered for the second phase? : Court

No.. so it is around 200: Rungta

Members of Grievance Committee informed the Single Judge that the Committee was functioning. Mr Rungta is being unnecessarily apprehensive: Dutta

He can move the Single Judge if he has apprehensions: Court

Students can come to Delhi or sit for the second phase from their homes. It is their choice: Dutta

Last time, PWD data was incomplete. Now we have filed an affidavit with the entire data. We have place the Notice for second phase and the exam form : Dutta

Email Id for students who have obtained admission in foreign universities is now functional : Advocate M Rupal for DU

Court asks DU is marksheet for VI semester LLB students is available.

No, it is not available: Petitioner Prateek Sharma.

It was for whole University. It was said that it should be released electronically : Sharma

For V semester LLB students, marksheets will be on the portal. 2200 students are there : Rupal

As a matter of procedure, we are putting marksheets online : Rupal

Provisional certificate? : Court

This is also under process: Rupal

In Dhritiman Ray case, Single Judge has ordered grant of digital certificates to students who have graduated. It needs to be extended to present students: Sharma

Yes, we have said so. This is what we are saying: Rupal

What about Railways? UGC hasn't filed anything. : Court

We have complied with the order. As an interim measure, we have issued an advisory to colleges on providing provisional admission even after September 30: Advocate Kurup for UGC

Court notes that affidavit is not on record.

Why did you not email it to the court master: Court

UGC says it does not deal with the issue of issuance of certificates.

This arrangement will continue till the academic calendar is decided : UGC

The fresh advisory does not speak of "relevant documents" that may be required for admission: Advocate Manik Dogra

We are saying that target University should be able to grant provisional admission on whatever document can be provided and await whatever is yet to be given: UGC

We have used the larger term of "provisional admission" subject to criteria that it laid down : UGC

Subject to documents being submitted later? : Court

Yes: UGC

What about subsidized tickets? You expect VI students to go to the counter and fill forms : Court asks Railways

We have already issued e-cards to VI students: Advocate Jagjit Singh for Railways

Concession is available for a long time. They are saying that we will ensure tickets are confirmed. I am saying let it be free : Rungta

We are not too sure that we will go that way : Court

Can we arrange for something besides the existing subsidy? We are not talking about students from adjoining areas: Court

We don't give free at all. We can't give more discounts : Singh for Railways

Relevant documents pertaining to qualifying examination can be accepted after provisional examination: UGC confirms

Court begins dictating the order. Court records the submissions made parties.

Fresh students and those who want to better than exams can sit for the second phase. DU expects around 1,500 students to register for the second phase till September 8: Court records

For issuance of digital certificates, a system is already in place. Same will be used for issuance of marksheet digitally to all students: Court records.

UGC says that provisional admission to PG courses will be permitted after September 30 until revised academic calendar is in place.. the relevant documents of the qualifying exam can be accepted after September 30: Court

What about the timeline for declaration of results? : Court

We are trying. We can't say anything right now : Dutta

Centre says that only UGC has to fund further concession to VI students when it comes to Railway tickets.

Let them give confirmed tickets : Rungta

Take this duty and discharge it : Court tells counsel for Railways, Jagjit Singh

Ministry of Railways says that the Railways already gives concession to several categories of PWD person including VI, speech impairment etc.. railways says that procedure to avail the concession is set out: Court records

In view of limited number of trains, effort will be made to provide them confirmed tickets. Students can book wait list tickets and inform the Railways two days in advance: Court

Mr Rungta will provide a list of PWD students who propose to travel to Delhi from far off places: Court

Whatever it may be, we will get it confirmed: Singh

Railways shall ensure that all PWD students are extended all relevant assistance to get a confirmed ticket: Court

As physical exams are going to commence on September 14, list on September 21-22: Court

I was under the impression that all dispensation and rules in the first phase shall continue (for PWD/VI students): Rungta

Yes, that can be clarified: Dutta

Court records DU's statement.

Court asks DU to file an affidavit stating the number of students who have registered for second phase.

DU to also state when the results of first phase and second phase can be declared.

Rungta says that the result may not be segregated for first and second phase.

We have only said "and": Court

Why should those VI who sat in the first phase be not given their results. We can't put their life on hold : Court

Now that Supreme Court has decided the issue of declaration of results on the basis of past performance, certain Petitions before us have become infructuous: Court notes

Advocate Harpreet Hota says that the issue relating to the legality of announcement of OBE by DU may be left open.

Court records the submissions. Disposes of petitions by Akshay Lakra and Mandeep Singh.

Hearing over. Matter to be heard next on September 22.

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