NCDRC issues notice to Hyderabad hospital, blood bank in 6 crore negligence claim

NCDRC issues notice to Hyderabad hospital, blood bank in 6 crore negligence claim

Varun Chirumamilla

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has issued notice to Fernandez Hospital and the Aarohi Blood Bank in Hyderabad in a complaint seeking Rs. 6 crore in damages for a botched platelet transfusion.

The complaint, which has been filed against the hospital, two doctors on its rolls and a Hyderabad-based blood bank, alleges that the parties involved were responsible for a botched platelet transfusion resulting in an infant becoming infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The complainant, represented by the law firm Dehadrai and Company, is claiming over Rs. 6 crore as compensation for the suffering and mental agony caused, along with the future medical costs that will have to be incurred.

The petition states that the complainant was born with a defect whereby his anal orifice was too narrow for fecal matter to pass through. The family was informed that it was necessary to perform a surgical procedure known as a colostomy to rectify the same.

It has been alleged that the gravity of the procedure was misrepresented to the father of the complainant, who was told that his child’s condition could be dealt with “by way of a few stitches”, while in fact a colostomy is a much more complex procedure.

There was also a complete lack of communication to the parents of the complainant that the procedure would be performed over three stages, alleges the petition.

The first surgery was performed on the two-day old infant on September 7, 2016, immediately after which the father was informed that the baby had lost a lot of blood and was in a critical condition. He was told that the baby required an immediate platelet transfusion, and was asked to arrange for a single donor.

It is alleged that the father had arranged for a single donor, but platelets from  random donors procured from a blood bank were transfused into the baby.

The baby was diagnosed with HIV on March 7, 2017 and was allegedly denied further medical attention.

NCDRC has now directed Aarohi Blood Bank, from where the platelets were procured, to furnish screening records pertaining to the transfusion.

The matter will be heard next on May, 31, 2018.

Both the hospital and the blood bank sought time to respond to calls from Bar & Bench.

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