Bomb Threat Email to Supreme Court: No entry for interns/ law students inside high security zone

Bomb Threat Email to Supreme Court: No entry for interns/ law students inside high security zone

Murali Krishnan

In a bid to beef up the security, the Supreme Court will bar the entry of interns/ law students into its high security zone. According to sources, this decision has been made after the Supreme Court received an anonymous email threatening of a bomb blast inside the court.

Th decision was communicated by the Chief Justice of India HL Dattu to the Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) in a meeting yesterday. As per the Facebook post of the SCBA, the Executive Committee has accepted this proposal made by the CJI who has relied on “inputs of experts” to make this decision.

Beside law students, visitors who come to the court for consultation also will not be allowed into the high security zone.

Except for those without proximity card, entry into the high security zone is regulated by issuance of entry pass. Interns were usually issued one monthly passes though they were allowed only during non-miscellaneous days i.e. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

With this proposed decision, interns will be completely barred. However, since the restriction is only regarding entry into high security zone, they will be able to access the lawn areas including lawyers’ chambers.

Recently, the number of interns making court visits had increased drastically. This had resulted in serious space constraint inside the court rooms, especially during the hearing of cases pertaining to National Judicial Appointments Commission and Yakub Memon; And there were calls to bar them from crowded court rooms.

Since visitors coming for consultation with lawyers have also been barred, relaxation has been made with regard to use of consultation cubicles in the Setalvad and Daphtary Chamber blocks. Accordingly, no fees will be charged for use of consultation rooms/cubicles in these blocks for the first half an hour.

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