Panag & Babu and Jindal Global Law School collaborate to launch First-of-its-Kind White Collar Crime Defense Course

The course termed "Introduction to Compliance, Investigations, and White-Collar Crime Defense" will be a 8-week (weekend-only) credit course.
Law Offices of Panag and Babu and Jindal Global Law School
Law Offices of Panag and Babu and Jindal Global Law School

White collar crime specialist law firm – the Law Offices of Panag and Babu (P&B), and the Jindal Global Law School, have collaborated on a first of its kind virtual course on financial crimes titled "Introduction to Compliance, Investigations, and White-Collar Crime Defense".

The collaboration between P&B and JGLS was driven by the firm's thought leadership and commitment to enhancing legal education, and the University's — Corporate Lawyering Advancement for Immersion and Mentoring (CLAIM) Programme, to combine practical expertise and academic knowledge.

A pioneering initiative, this course is focused on addressing key concepts of business crimes, internal investigations, global and local enforcement challenges, and corporate governance standards. The 8-week (weekend-only) credit course commenced on 11 March 2023 and concluded on 13 May 2023, with over 25 students being awarded credits.

The course outline and materials were prepared by P&B, led by Guneet Gudh and co-curated by J.S. Bhullar and Tanya Ganguli. Gudh, Bhullar and Ganguli are senior members of the P&B Compliance, Investigations and White Collar Crime Defense practice group and have acted on several marquee and prominent matters in and outside India.

Guneet Gudh remarked,

“We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the Jindal Global Law School on this one-of-a-kind white-collar crime course,"

"At Panag & Babu, we believe in the power of legal education to drive positive change in society. This partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to share our expertise and commit our resources to the next generation of white-collar crime lawyers in India. We are thrilled to contribute to our common mission of promoting legal excellence and further strengthening our ties with the Jindal Global University,” he added.

Prof. (Dr) S.G. Sreejith, Executive Dean, JGLS, states,

"I am extremely heartened to see the initiative taken by the Law Offices of Pang & Babu to associate with the LEAD Programme of Jindal Global Law School (JGLS). The Programme has been blessed with the association of many eminent members of the legal profession. But P&B is the first law firm which has chosen to associate with JGLS in its professional totality. Such associations not only educate students on specialized areas of law (white-collar crimes in this case) but also on the professional values and commitments and lawyering styles of the office. This is holistic education which aims at shaping well-informed and well-cultured professionals.”

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