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Supreme Court Registry agrees to reduce printing charges in e-filing

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The Supreme Court registry has agreed to reduce printing charges for petitions for e-filing from Rs 6 per page per petition to Rs 3 per page per petition.

The Supreme Court registry which earlier charged Re.1.5 per page for 4 copies totaling up to Rs 6 per page per petition has agreed to reduce the charge down to 75 paise per page for 4 copies totalling up to Rs. 3 per page per petition for e-filing.

This decision of the Supreme Court has come days after the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association (SCAORA) had requested the concerned authorities to exempt these charges for e-filing. While exemption has not been granted, the registry has decided to reduce these charges by half.

This decision of the Registry has been intimated to the Advocates by the SCAORA in its communication sent to its members.

Read SCAORA's communication:

SC registry to reduce printing charges.pdf
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