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Aurangabad Bench, Bombay High Court
Neha Joshi
The local police had directed that all buildings within a kilometer's radius of the leak incident be vacated as a precautionary measure against fire or other possible mishaps.
Aurangabad Bench, Bombay High Court
Neha Joshi
The Aurangabad bench commenced online hearings for matters in the new building, which was one of the demands of the lawyers who had been on strike from October 4.
Aurangabad Bench, Bombay High Court
Neha Joshi
The lawyers have decided to boycott court proceedings from October 4, citing difficulty in shuffling between the two wings of the court building for matters.
Uddhav Thackeray
Neha Joshi
The four organs of democracy have to bear the pressure of holding the roof (democracy), the Chief Minister said.
Aurangabad Bench, COVID-19
Neha Joshi
The Bench said that if there is any uproar over shortage of oxygen or that patients are being turned away for lack of oxygen supply or a patient has died, the officers will be personally responsible.
Bombay High court at Nagpur Bombay and Aurangabad
Neha Joshi
The principal Bench at Bombay and the Bench at Nagpur are already hearing cases related to COVID management.
Menstrual Leave Policy
Jelsyna Chacko
The policy introduced at NLIU Bhopal extends also to gender non-conforming students who menstruate.
Prof. Dr. Kondaiah Jonnalagadda
Bar & Bench
Dr Jonnalagadda has nearly two decades of experience teaching at National Law Universities.
Bombay High Court
Neha Joshi
A Bench headed by Acting Chief Justice SV Gangapurwala refused to grant an immediate stay on the cabinet decision to rename the two cities, as the same was yet to be approved by the Central government ...
Call for Papers: MNLU Aurangabad’s Journal for Dispute Resolution (Submit 19 Jan)
Bar & Bench
The journal aims to provide a platform for engaging in discussions on various themes of ADR mechanisms in India and international jurisdictions.
MNLU Aurangabad
Bar & Bench
The purpose of the competition is to help future lawyers improve their writing, research, and analytical skills.
Bombay HC and Aurangabad
Narsi Benwal
"The government doesn't work much even during working days, what are you expecting? Nothing is going to happen in an electrifying speed," the Court said.
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