Summon through E-mail, Fax and WhatsApp
Summon through E-mail, Fax and WhatsApp

[COVID-19] Delhi HC permits service of summons, notices through e-mail, fax and WhatsApp; Physical service suspended till further orders

Aditi Singh

In view of the growing number of COVID-19 cases, the Delhi High Court has suspended physical service of summons, notices, documents and daks.

Till further orders, service of summons, notices etc shall be done through e-mail/fax/WhatsApp.

A Circular to this effect was issued today.

..till further orders, all documents/notices/summons/daks through physical mode be dispensed with, except where there is a specific order to the effect by the Hon'ble High Court, and such service be instead permitted to be effected through e-mail/fax/WhatsApp..The conventional mode of physical delivery may be permitted to be restored once normalcy returns.
Circular reads.

Accordingly, parties are now required to furnish their email address and other details to facilitate service through virtual mode.

The process of sending the documents/summons etc in electronic mode will be done by the Despatch Branch/Process Serving Agency, in co-ordination with respective judicial branches and IT Branch, from their seats only.

Read the Circular:

DHC circular on notices and summons.pdf
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