Plea in Delhi HC to stay the release of Salman Khan starrer ‘Bharat’

Plea in Delhi HC to stay the release of Salman Khan starrer ‘Bharat’

Aditi Singh

A Petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court seeking a stay on the release of Salman Khan’s film, Bharat.

The Petition by one Vikas Tyagi further seeks to change the name of the film as well as any dialogue in which the main character, Bharat, has been compared to India.

It is the Petitioner’s case that the film distorts the political image of “our great country” and that naming the film “Bharat” was a “shameless, cunning stratagem to encash the deep-rooted feeling for our country”.

..I asked a plateful of people, what do you think the film would be based on which story? And everyone said- ‘the movie is named after our great country, so surely the film would be talking of “Bharat” (India). This is the very same feeling that I felt when I heard the title of the movie at first. Film’s trailer was released of late and we got nought up to our expectations, conversely, this film is fraught with Salman’s typical flippancy and vulgarity. Being a “Bhartiya” I feel it is not appropriate to name such films or any character associated with this film after our great nation.

…Whatever character Salman plays, the portrayal deeply emphasizes on flippancy and vulgar behaviour.  No one wants his nation to be associated with such roguish and frivolous character.”, the petition reads.

It is thus argued that the portrayal of our county by such a flippant character would hurt the sentiment of people. The Petitioner claims that it is inappropriate to correlate the content of the movie with its title.

The Petitioner further submits that as per Article 1(1) of the Constitution of India, Bharat is the official name of our country. Further, as per Section 3 of the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Uses) Act, 1950,  the use of the name “Bharat” for any trade, business, profession etc is prohibited.

It has thus sought a stay on the release of the film and a change in its name.

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