HPNLU students resume strike six months after protesting lack of facilities

HPNLU students resume strike six months after protesting lack of facilities

It was just six months ago that students of the Himachal Pradesh National Law University (HPNLU) went on strike, protesting the lack of amenities at the University. While the protests in March were called off temporarily, they have now resumed, owing to the administration’s reluctance to meet the students’ demands.

The students continue to demand for basic amenities like safe drinking water, hygienic food and inhabitable hostel rooms. It is also alleged that students HPNLU are not being provided with moot court facilities, sports facilities, and WiFi, despite being charged for the same. A statement issued by the student body today reads,

“…the university is reluctant in providing detailed fee structure to the students. Some expenses such as sports fees, WiFi fees, student bar council, campus development fund & moot court expenses could not be justified as it was never provided to the students in last four years. Also, upon asking in last semester protest, these all head were put under a single vague head in fee structure namely ‘other facilities’.”

The other demands include the creation of a democratically elected Student Body Association, transparency in administrative functioning, and introduction of adequate medical facilities on campus.

Reacting to the resumption of the protests, the University administration has issued a notice threatening the protesting students with consequences. The notice reads,

“…it is hereby notified to all students,  protesting or sitting on a strike or in any manner participating in the unruly aggregations of students or not joining their classes, that strict action shall be taken against students who are found indulging in such activities.”

The administration has also directed the students to call off all protests and attend classes as per the schedule. The notice also invites two student representatives from each batch to present their grievances to the administration in “a decent manner”.

However, the students claim that multiple attempts to have a dialogue with the authorities have not borne any fruit.

Undeterred, the students continue to hold the protest indefinitely.

Similar issues were raised by the students in March this year. Back then,  the students had temporarily called off the protests after the administration installed water purifiers and provided accommodation for the girls. The students’ association gave the authorities time to rectify other issues, and reserved the right to protest again if the demands were not met.

Read the list of grievances:

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