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[Breaking] Coronavirus: Delhi High Court to restrict its functioning to urgent matters from March 16

Aditi Singh

In a bid to control the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Delhi High Court has decided to restrict its functioning to urgent matters from March 16.

As per the decision, the court master will give dates in routine matters before the court assembles.

The High Court has stated that the personal presence of litigants and their representatives is not required unless the same is indispensable.

Mediation, DIAC arbitration and other legal aid cases will be taken up only in emergent situations.

Additionally, the High Court has also decided to deploy temperature guns at entry points and ban the entry of interns.

The decision has come hours after the Supreme Court notified that it would have limited functioning and restricted entry into its premises due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The decision was taken in the Meeting of the Administrative and General Supervision Committee which was attended by Chief Justice DN Patel and Justices Hima Kohli, Vipin Sanghi, Siddharth Mridul, Manmohan, Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, JR Midha and IS Mehta. Registrar General Manoj Jain, DHCBA President, Senior Advocate Mohit Mathur and Secretary Abhijat were also in attendance.

The Delhi Government has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic and shut all schools, colleges and theatres etc in the city till March 31.

Earlier this month, the High Court had issued a public notice requesting advocates, general public and litigants to avoid unnecessary overcrowding in the court premises.

Read the Resolution:

DHC Resolution on COVID-19.pdf
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