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Coronavirus lockdown: Bar Council of Delhi urges Delhi High Court to consider total shutdown till March 31

Aditi Singh

In view of the lockdown in the city to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Bar Council of Delhi has written to the Delhi High Court, urging it to consider a total shutdown till March 31.

Stating that the High Court must take effective preventive measures, the letter reads,

" is notices that even though the urgent matters are listed before the courts but the sitiuation is similar to as observed during the vacations. However, since there is no official declaration of holidays, the advocates and litigants do come to courts.

In this situation, it may be considered to go for a total shutdwon for the period upto 31.03.2020 which should be declared as vacation."

It is suggested that only urgent matters may be listed by constitution special courts and hearing be conducted through video conferencing.

The Bar Council of Delhi has added that loss of judicial time may be adjusted by curtailing the future holidays.

The Letter further asserts that no advocate or staff may be allowed to enter the court premises except those involved in urgent matters.

It is also prayed that the court premises, including chamber blocks be santizied periodically.

Read the Letter:

BCD letter to Delhi HC page 1
BCD letter to Delhi HC page 2
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