Rooh Afza v Dil Afza trademark war: Delhi High Court says sharbat lovers can distinguish between the two

The manufacturers of Rooh Afza filed a suit arguing that their name is synonymous with sharbat in India, and that the name Dil Afza is deceptively similar to their product.
Rooh Afza, Dil Afza, Delhi High Court
Rooh Afza, Dil Afza, Delhi High Court

Buying a bottle of sharbat may involve emotions, but not so deep that the word ‘Dil’ can be confused with ‘Rooh’, the Delhi High Court said while dismissing an application filed by the manufacturers of Rooh Afza seeking an injunction on the sale of Dil Afza [Hamdard National Foundation (India) and Anr v. Sadar Laboratories Pvt Ltd].

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