Bois locker room, Delhi High Court
Bois locker room, Delhi High Court
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Violence against women online needs to be nipped immediately: Two lawyers urge Delhi HC to take suo motu cognizance of 'Bois Locker Room'

Aditi Singh

A Letter has been addressed to the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court urging it to take suo motu cognizance of "bois locker room" incident.

The "bois locker room" was a chat room on social media platform, Instagram. The participants of the chat room were mostly young boys, specifically from classes XI and XII from Delhi schools, who shared lewd and objectionable content pertaining to minor girls. The chat room was used to make comments and share compromising and allegedly morphed images of minor girls.

The chat room stirred a controversy after screenshots of the same were shared on social media earlier this week.

In their letter to Chief Justice of the High Court, Justice DN Patel, Advocates Neela Gokhale and Ilam Paridhi have stated that the seriousness and gravity of the "illegal activities" undertaken by the partcipants of the group, which included death and rape threats, necessitate registration of FIRs and initiation of an investigation, at the earliest, for commission of offences punishable under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, Information and Technology Act, 2008 and Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Relying on a news report published on May 4, Gokhale and Paridhi have written that the South Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police were awaiting a formal complaint by parents for registrating a case.

Due to the inaction on part of the investigative authorities, no real punitive action has been taken against the perpetrators and a new Instagram page ‘Bois Locker Room 2.0’ with the bio that ‘Lets start this again, join this group with fake accounts so no one can expose u, message me the username of ur fake account', has come into existence, it is informed.

Thus urging the Court to take suo-moto cognizance of the issue, it is stated,

The mediums which were meant to lend voices even to the voiceless, cannot be permitted to offer its platform as a breeding ground for misogyny and extend all the offline sexism and objectification that prevails, online.. These unprecedented ways of violence against women online need to be nipped immediately as something as simple as any chat have all the propensity to translate into sexual violence of great magnitude in no time at all. Experience has shown that actions such as victim blaming, locker room banter, rape jokes, etc. provides an impetus to rape, molestation and in some cases murder. If this incident is not taken serious note of then such normalization is likely to transform into degradation and explicit violence.
Advocates Gokhale and Paridhi

Justice demands that there needs to be punishment which befits the crime and reflects public abhorrence of the crime and that too at the earliest point of time, in order to ensure that not only should the justice be done but it must also be seen to done, the letter reads.

A letter petition has also been sent by three advocates to the Supreme Court, urging it to take up the matter on the judicial side.

Read the Letter:

Letter to Hon'ble Chief Justice, Delhi high court - Bois Locker Room.pdf
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